After this weeks action here are the definitive Turkeyrankings:

  1. SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS- Winning their road games and now the hottest team in the CFL! Joseph is becoming a master at NOT turning the ball over! Best fans too!! Tillman is looking like a genius with his trades, and hiring of Kent Austin. It is still early but the Riders appear to be the class of the league right now!

  2. WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS- Earned their 2nd place ranking with a comeback win on the road in BC. without even one pass completion to Stegall!!! It was not pretty but a win is a win. Best news is Westwood appears finished and a real kicker has emerged. Glenn , like Joseph , is not turning the ball over as well which is huge in close games!

  3. Montreal ALOUETTES- Big win puts them up there with the Bombers in the EAst. Cavillho looks confident again. No one seems to stop Cahoon when the big play is required!

  4. EDMONTON ESKIMOS- Somehow find a way to win when playing ugly. Still, question mark abound!!! Something does not seem quite right.

  5. CALGARY STAMPS- When will the real Stamps show up for two weeks straight? On paper one the top teams.
    In practise disgraceful!!!!!!! Henry looks lost at times- so much talent - so little realized!

  6. B.C. Lions- In serious trouble with Buck Pierce now injured too. If D.D. comes back one hit and he is done for good. Losing two home games does not bode well for the Pussycats. Coaches' stubborness will hurt team.

  7. Hamilton Ti-Cats- Blew an opportunity to stay up in the rankings and continue the momentum built last week with the two point loss to the Esks. Too bad as it would have made things way more interesting in the East. Still, potential is there for a rise in standings in the East because the Argos are a mess!

  8. Toronto Have-Nots- Close but no cigar will not cut it and something is not clicking with their offence. Defence is wearing down being on the field so much. Trouble in T.O. Pinball looks confused. Who is the offensive co-ordinator??

  9. Ottawa Roughriders- Still not getting it done on or off the field. When will they get their next win???

I don't know, Turkey.
Those rankings are way to close to being realistic for my taste....

Decent rankings. I'd put B.C. in 4th, Edmonton in 5th, and Calgary in 6th.

And LOL @ Ottawa being in 9th. :lol:

In fairness to the Stampeders, they had alot of injuries, and were playing their 2nd game of a short week.

my radical rankings beat your turkey rankings :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate your opinion but disagree strongly...BC the 3rd worst team? way Turkey. I tend to select with my heart when it comes to the Riders and I'd expect you the same, but where does your hard-on for Montreal and Edmonton come from? You cant honestly believe in the people steering those ships (Popp and Machocia) let alone the hands on deck and the ones in the cabin. BC has team depth and a strong captain(Buono) who cuts through the waves instead of riding them.

I wanna sink BC too man, believe that. But I'll use my head and not my heart to ranks these teams. I predict your rankings will be way off the standings by next Monday.


my head moves BC to 4th, and edmonton, calgary and Hamilton even up.

Sacrelege! It is, er, was the Ottawa Rough Riders, not the Roughriders! Geez ten years goes by and that name is already fading from history :wink:

Great rankings otherwise!

Go Ottawa Rapids!