After compeletion of this weeks games here are the TURKEYRANKINGS:

  1. SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS- Most points scored and fewest points against this season - what more needs to be said- RIDERS RULE + WHIPPED THE LEOS

  2. HAMILTON TIGER-CATS- Lumsden will lead the ti-cats to the Eastern final.- you heard it here first.

  3. CALGARY STAMPEDERS- Proved their mettle on the road in Edmonchuck.

  4. MONTREAL ALOUETTES- Back on track with Anthony C.

  5. Winterpeg- Coaches allure is wearing off.

  6. BC Lions- 3rd string qb cannot get it done. No offence will tire out the defence and they cannot win every game.

  7. Edmonchuck esks- Blew game against Calgary and it will cost them big time.


RIDERS RULE :cowboy: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ticats win 1 game and u rank them number 2?..this is why noone takes u seriously here.

....nor is anyone expected to.

B.C. in 6th? I don't even want to know how RLR will respond to that. :lol:

...its in code right?....nothing say as complicated as a Fibonacci sequence, but a mathmatical teaser nonetheless...the real order is #1, then #3, then #5 then #7, then back to #2, #4, #6 and #8....did I get it?...what do I win?...

Too much DaVinci code in your system Redandwhite. You should be thrilled your Stamps are rated 3rd! Riders - Ti-Cats Grey Cup - you heard it here 1st!!!!!!!!!!
Remember this date

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I have no comment :lol:

Me thinks bender has been into the stockpile of quality B.C.-grown ganja again. He's on another one of his enthusiastic Riders rule posts. :roll:

Hamilton will make it to the East Final where they'll get blown out by the Bombers in the Peg!! Then we'll take care of your Riders in Toronto the following week! Have a good day Turkey!! :twisted:

Get this: I've gotten so used to Hamilton being #8 or #7 on these lists, that I always look at the bottom first. And as I looked up the list, I thought, "He FORGOT the Tiger-cats!" :lol:

I think it's cool that you put the Cats at #2, turkey, but I think it's too soon for that. Nowhere to go but down, now, since they'll never take #1 from the Riders on your list. :slight_smile:

Some of your picks I agree with: right now the Argos are the weakest team in the league. But you've got to put the Lions a lot higher than that: probably #2 at this point. Hamilton should be somewhere in the middle of the pack, though I know they'll work their way up.

Otherwise, not that bad, really. :thup:

i am a ti-cat fan but even i have to disagree with hamilton being ranked 2nd

also why is BC ranked 6th?

u dont no too much about football do u?

u dont no too much about turkey do u? :lol:

Honestly folks, why all the concern.
It is really quite simple! Concede the Cup to the Riders now and don't go through all the hassles and disappointment!! Invent a new cup for the Runner - Up, or, a Toilet Bowl Cup for a game between the two last place finishers in each conference. The first sports league to do so. Imagine the interest from around the world. Standard Toilet company could donate an extra-large toilet with room for engraving. Toronto vs. Edmonton - what a match - up . Cheerleaders would holler--"... flush us now , flush us now..." I think we are on to something really big here. Free plungers could be given out in the colour of each team to supporters. Toilet seats could be worn around fans' necks like horse collars - blue for Argo fans and Green for Eskimo fans. This has huge potential!!!!!!!!!!
The CFL could be an innovative leader in sports entertainment!!!!!
CFL Rocks ( I mean flushes!!!)

Sounds cool... except the Eskimos won't be in last place. :x

but the argos will for sure :lol:

A nice green one would look pretty good in my garage

Grey Cup Parade in Regina = GREAT
TOILET BOWL (SEE EARLIER POST) IN EDMONTON = PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ESKS DROOL! still haven't posted your pics of your parade float yet!

Pfft. I'm trashing his parade float now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lions Als Grey Cup repeat, and a Lions threepeat.