new Turkeybend2Power-Rankings

As Hallowe'en approaches things are getting scary in the CFL. To add a little 'Boo-dom' to the mix here are my latest rankings:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Very clever ploys losing games so they can upset weaker teams in the playoffs when it counts.
    Look to see the brilliant management and coaches position the Riders as the spoilers heading to the Grey Cup in T.O. this year.
    Well played men!

  2. B.C. Pussycats- With Lulay questionable and old cripples coming back like Simon and Bruce replacing younger guns who are healthier and performing better, the Lions will start to dismantle themselves leading to a shocking collapse in the playoffs with a rested but rusty Lulay underperforming and rookie head coach wondering whether to pull him or not causing confusion and confidence departure from the Lions when it is needed most. Does not look promising for the defending Grey Cup champs.

  3. Montreal Alouettes- Sadly they have to rely on a 90 year old quarterback to lead the rushers to get to the end zone. This strategy will be disastrous for the Als as they need a running game to compliment their gutsy senior citizen at Quarterback. One hit to A.C. and there goes the season.

  4. Calgary Snowmobilers- Winter has come and even the horse at McMahon is looking to head to the barn. Selfish and pouty Cornish will be their undoing as he wants it all and promotes individualism over team play which is disastrous at this time of year. Even though the Stamps will beat the Lions this week look for their eventual demise due to inconsistent play by their qb. down the stretch. Nice guy but not a championship quarterback.

  5. Edmonton Eventuallies- We are still waiting for an offence to appear consistently. HOwever, the Esks are better than all the rest in the east.

  6. Winterpeg Wowzers- Butt head Buck will lead the Bombers back past the hapless ti-cats and close in on the Terrible Torontonians. Comeback story of the year as the bombers make the playoffs after we all wrote them off.

  7. Toronto of Hamilton- Both scary sad. The demise of the boatmen is another nail in the coffin of the CFL in Toronto.
    With the toothless Cats , well , their season ended with the slip off the tee in the snow in Calgary last week. Yet, Henry still smiles after the game. Go figure??????? :cowboy:

Gobble Gobble :lol:

Actually not a bad summary of all the teams!! I have to agree with everything.

Ah! The CFL has been a bit of a Circus this year :lol: