New Turkeybend Rankings

Wow-what a weekend. Without futher adoo here are your updated rankings :cowboy: :rockin: :thup: :smiley:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- I know some will say a lucky win but nonetheless the two points go to the Riders and their comeback to tie was impressive. For this week after Montreal's disastrous performance the Riders deserve to be # 1. Say what you will about Durrant- he does get it done when it is needed. He may be inconsistent but an admirable record of achievement at crunch time when the pressure is on. Amazing and that stable of Canadian recievers - the envy of the league. The Fans , well, enough said - best in Canada.

  2. Calgary Stampeders- dominant win over the Esks re-fortifies the Stamps as contenders again. Well done Stamps.

  3. B.C. Lions- This may surprise some but the Lions deserve to be ranked this how and here is why. Would you like to play these guys in the playoffs right now. The Riders could not contain Printers and with two running backs in the mix and Casey able to get outside these guys are for real. MCCallum has bounced back and the defence is reasonable. Right now, regardless of Casey's poor decision on the last play I am thinking they may be the most dangerous team in the league. Surprised - this is the truth - Printers looked that good. :rockin: This week's game against the Stamps will confirm or deny the above contention. Wally - I have to hand it to you - well done Lions. The loss will make them hungrier and angry. Dangerous group these Lions.

  4. Montreal als- Sound familiar. A rocket start tothe season with an early playoff clinched then no meaningful games to be played with players losing their edge and hunger - then an injury to Anthony. This record has been played before. The Als may be in trouble - at best the doubts have certainly been placed inthe Als' players minds.

  5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- all the knocks on Coach Kelly and Michael Bishop are water under the bridge now as playoffs loom. Remember in the CFL making the playoffs is all that matters as MANY 3rd place finishers have gone on the win the Cup!!!!!!!!!! Imagine if the bombers go on a roll and what all the gravediggers for Kelly will have to say???

  6. Hamiton Tiger-cats - needed to win but it was against the ARgos so settle down folks. However, they got it done and playoffs are possible.

  7. Edmonton - the early cinderella story is past history as the Esks are the biggest 2nd half disappointment. Sad times in the City of has beens. I think the Oilers lost to the Canucks tonight too.

  8. Toronto Argos- Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, and not good for the CFL. Imagine if they had got Printers six weeks ago!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :cowboy:

....on the argo ranking....sad is right....however....Printers suiting up for them would have only made them a shade better than the 08 Cats....and that won't get it done.... would have been a better look for the argos in 2010 ..had they signed him :wink:

I’M going to stick a prediction I made a few weeks ago. IF (and remember thats IF) the Bombers make the playoffs, they’re my pick for the Eastern Reps, or could even take home the Grey Cup.

What are you on Man?

get off that Bishop Drug.. cause it's going to wear off in the semi-finals.

LoL, actually I don't remember saying Bishops name once in my post. I never really liked him
before he came to Sask. To be truthful, I really have no reasoning. Just a feeling that after everything that had been said and done in Winnipeg this season, IMO they are in for something crazy to happen.

The first time I met Bishop I immediately became a non-fan lol...

im indifferent on bishop... not a huge fan but hey weve won four of five so theres no doubting hes our guy for the moment...he has a bad habit of being really bad in crutial games... but if he can snap that streak and play like he did against mtl and hit those throws... it makes the bombers a scary team with the way the d has been playing... anything can happen in one game elimination playoffs. and if bish somehow has a good game i like the bb chances of coming out of the east.... if he follows his usual pattern, we probably dont have much hope

cheers to the playoff race! cant wait to see how it unfolds

I swear he is one of the dumbest people I have met. Just the way he talks and carries himself. But I mean, if he puts a couple decent games together in the playoffs, Winnipeg might get scary

Turkey, I'm disappointed in you.

This turned out to be a serious accurate post! Did you lose your funny bone? No Saskatoon Huskies ahead of the Argo's? I was giggling to see what you wrote this week as I clicked on the topic and you were all serious on me.

Saskatoon Huskies ahead of the Argos? Don't be ridiculous man.

There's no such team as the Saskatoon Huskies...

University Of Saskatoon Huskies......

I appreciate Turkeys brand of humour!

University of Saskatchewan Huskies

Okay, okay, I stand corrected, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, its all the same! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Saskatoon pie :thup:

Saskatchewan pie :thdn: