New Turkeybend Rankings

What a weekend of CFL games - tremendous stuff!! :smiley: :smiley: :thup: :thup: :thup:

:cowboy: How did the results affect the Turkeybend Powerrankings? Let's see:
  1. Montreal Alouettes- The only sports show in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teased the Ti-cats but got it done. Will complacency set in like last year. A real worry for Coach Trestman and his staff. Is Anthony C. healthy. If he goes down so do the Als

  2. Toronto Argos- (JUST KIDDING :lol: :lol: :lol: )

  3. SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS- Tremendous comeback in Calgary led by the league's rising star Mr. Durrant!! Best Canadian receivers in the league and a never say die attitude make them the odds on favourites to be the west reps in the Grey Cup. Good test this week with the resurgent Leos coming to town. Interesting match-up. Will it boil down to a paul mccallum kick again in the final seconds?????????? Wouldn't that be something :lol: :lol: :lol:

  4. B.C. Lions- they are back whether you like it or not. Good comeback too today and finally the correct quarterback is the starter (Lulay). Can they continue with miracle finishes??? Wallyball is working but methinks cinderella's clock might hit midnight in Regina.

  5. Calgary Stampeders- only were able to salvage a tie at home against the Riders. This must be terribly discouraging for the highly touted Stamps who continue to be inconsistent. Even the mild mannered Clark Kent coach John Huffnagel is starting to throw things around. Spells trouble down the stretch for the highly touted but underachieving Stamps!!!!

  6. Edmonton Eskimos- their dominant win over the mighty Argos has moved them up one notch.

  7. Winterpeg Blue Bombers- no winter in Winnipeg yet. No win either in a game that Michael Bishop literally threw away. Too bad as they have improved.

  8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- played a valiant game against the Als. But still no win. Rematch against the Als does not look good. They should finish ahead of the Bombers as Glenn is better than Bishop but I am not sure that will happen.

  9. Get the paperbags ready (Toronto Argos) - saving grace for this troubled team is that the Leafs are playing as bad and they get all the headlines in the papers and vile from their fans. The ARgos are relegated to the back pages thankfully.

:) :) :) :cowboy: :rockin:

. Ottawa - The only team to beat Montral lately ( oh sorry that was in hockey!!) :lol:

Is Anthony C. healthy. If he goes down so do the Als
A. MCPHERSON 10/11 110 yards 2 TD 0INT

I'll take that over Jyles :wink:

Yup even if AC is out, Als will NOT be a cakewalk for BB next two weeks, especially since we don't know what Bishop is gonna show up.

I gotta send AC a get well soon card, we need he and the Al's to slap around the Bomber's in the next two games :lol:

He's fine, just a bruised calf.

In what little we have seen the kid, he has shown to have something special! I would also think he'd be getting alot of calls if he goes to free agency. Alot more than Jyles would that's for sure. And he's good in short yardage to boot! If AC doesn't play it won't be because he is hurt, it'll be to save him for the playoffs. Though I'm sure Anthony will see time in each of these last few games.

Can a mod edit tukey's post???

He's got Durant and Lulay mixed up.

YOu have a man crush on a guy who won one game geez
it is desperate times in BC

He's a Stamps fan...

Oh alright
how about Burris for Lulay then

I must be losing my mind, because I actually agree with Turkey's rankings this week.

Turkey's rankings actually make sense to me, except that I'd swap Edmonton and Winnipeg. The Bombers at least have a ferocious defense to go with their inconsistent offense. Edmonton's offense is Jekyll and Hyde from week to week AND their defense is atrocious.

Things are looking not too bad here in BC right now. Other than the Als, which team has a second or third stringer who actually have the ability to win a game? Even with Pierce & Jackson out, we still have two QB's who have the potential to take us all the way.

I'm surprised too, I actually agree with the turkey's rankings this time around.