:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

O.k.- I am over my embarassment. There goes the undefeated season. However, the treatment I received at the psyh ward in Regina has renewed my faith in my Riders, Canada, the man on the moon, Mr. Dressup, the Friendly Giant, Pamela Anderson, Gene Kiniski, Stompin' Tom Connors, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Danny Gallivan, Foster Hewitt, Knowlton Nash, Lorne Greene,Paul Gross, Steve Nash, Mike Weir, Henri Richard, themovie - Men with Brooms and all other things that are good in Canada.
Regardless of the loss of an undefeated season I have come to realize that the RIDERS WILL RETURN FOR ANOTHER DAY AND I WILL BET MY OLD BUFFY ST. MARIE ALBUM ON THAT!

Sorry I was digressing a bit, here are the new Turkeybend rankings of power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Montreal Alouettes- Great catch Ben Cahoooooooooooooooooooooon! Mr. Calvilho is alright too! To win in Regina is no easy feat- kudos to the best team in the east!

  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Despite shooting themselves in the foot on several occasions, they are still in first place in the west. The Eskimos will catch the wrath of the Riders!!!!!!!

  3. Calgary Stamps- Big win will regain confidence but will it bring back individualism and swagger which is the one area of concern with the multi-talented Stamps???????????

  4. Hamilton Tiger - Cats- The surprise of the season though their wins have been against weaker teams. Nonetheless well done Ti-Cats.

  5. B.C. Pussycats- Jarious Jackson chucked long bombs up for grabs and Leos came down with the balls. Will confidence return to the westcoast or will a qb controversy emerge when one or the other has a bad or mediocre quarter splitting the football team apart!!!!!!???????

  6. Edmonton- horrid offensive performances this year. What is wrong with these guys. Ray is arguably one of the best in the league but the team does not go for the jugular on 'O'. You have to throw deep to get the defence to back off. Short swing and crossing patterns don't cut it all the time. The Riders-Esks game will determine if the ESks will be a factor at all this season. IF they lose, it will be a long, long season in the City of Has Beens!!!!

  7. Winterpeg- Blew an opportunity to have a decent start to the season. Too many question marks on offence.
    Not an explosive team at all. It is almost like the opposition has a goalie!!!!!!!! Things don't look good for mr. kelly. Bring back Dieter Brock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Toronto Awfuls- The journey to the centre of the universe has been a disaster for the new head coach. The CFL needs a competitive team in T.O. Bring in Laval, Western Mustangs, or Univ. of Sask. Huskies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kerry - why did you go to Toronto- there are much better places to swim in Saskatchewan rather than Lake Ontario!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

  9. Ottawa - Defence still looking good - no touchdowns scored against them thus far.

...actually, as totally insane as you are that ranking is IMO fairly accurate...

Surprised you haven't ranked Edmonton last, though. At least Toronto's D is playing respectably (three of those TDs last week came from Calgary's defense). Edmonton has nothing going in any of the three phases of the game.

Not bad TB :thup: pretty good grip on reality today, despite your ongoing delusions of grandeur regarding your Riders. Glad to see the meds are starting to work :wink:

Besides that, I'm impressed with Turkey's walk down memory lane of those Canadian Icons he listed.

Well done in so many ways Turk. :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Another good thing in Canada (compared to the US) our BEER !!!!! and our football....our balls are bigger.

To clarify, they are not longer, nor wider, as the dimensions will indicate, but fatter, fuller, and containing more volume.


A question not about your rankings, but about the above assessment.

Hamilton's wins were against B.C. (5th) and Winnipeg (7th), both better teams in your rankings than Toronto (8th).

Saskatchewan's wins were against B.C. and Toronto. Calgary ONLY beat Toronto.

Yet you ranked Calgary and Saskatchewan higher than Hamilton, WITHOUT mentioning that "their wins have been against weaker teams."

'Sup wit dat? :?

Whatever zbest....just taking a slogan from past cfl hype......relax a bit....have a beer.

You don't actually believe that the turkey farmer (nothing against them btw) actually put any thought into them, do you.

I have a feeling we're no longer talking about sporting equipment. :stuck_out_tongue:

The turkey #8 position has to go to Winnipeg no matter what happens at Taylor field. I Love my Eskimo's. :rockin: