The season is getting interesting with injuries playing a major part in results!!

  1. Winterpeg BlueBombers- earned 1st after defeat of my Riders, and, with Dominguez out- that really hurts the Green and White.

  2. Calgary Stampeders- Hottest team in CFL right now

  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders- This week will tell whether my Riders can overcome a bad loss and a worse injury to one of their star players. Huge win for Riders if they can beat the hot STamps. Any doubters will vanish like a fart in the wind if Riders win.

  4. Montreal Als.- won without starting qb- impressive

  5. Toronto Argos- Defence and Bishop move them up the standings.

  6. Edmonton Esks- Last chance to save the season. Ray has to do it all himself it looks like as defence is brutal.

  7. BC Lions- falling fast!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ottawa RoughRiders - Even without a team they look better than the Ti-Cats.

  9. Saskatoon Hilltops- even they are better than the Ti-Cats without Lumsden.

  10. Saint Anne's Girls Academy- Even they are better than the Ti-Cats

  11. Spice Girls Re-union Tour- even they are more entertaining than the Ti-Cats

  12. Brittany Spears- HOLD ON!!!!N tHIS IS GOING TOO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAMILTON Ti-Cats are more entertaining than this sad individual!!!!!!!!!!

:rockin: Gobble, Gobble ranked my stamps ahead of your riders...I'm speechless....

...if the riders beat us this weekend a playoff game at Taylor Field is a certainy for this year....

Interesting how we’re 1 back of the Riders but in 7th place.

I think it's set up that way just for you, RLR and FYB ... :wink:

I think turkey ranked us third after we won the Grey Cup last year because we didn't win it by enough points :wink:

I refuse to look
I refuse to look
I refuse to look

No way will I click on this thread.

No way, no way, no way.

oh shoot, according to the bible, I now have to go cut my hand off, sigh

#12 made me laugh. :lol:

Great rankings, Turkey. Love where you have all the teams, especially B.C. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice picks T-Bend.
Hopefully the Big Blue don't take the Cats too lightly.

And aahhhh RLR...what's that now....3 Grey Cups??
Oh, I'm sorry, it's 5!!! Wow! You can count that on ONE hand! Awesome!

When did the Bombers enter the CFL? When did the Lions?

Oh ya, 1990 was a mighty long time ago. You guys are almost as bad as the Riders! Poor Milt, never going to win his Grey Cup with his beloved Bombers.

Uuuh yeah... the Bombers entered in 1990...
Why do you even bother...

Turkey, You didn't jump on the Casey Printers bandwagon???? Hamilton in 12th???

Wow Turkey your are impressive this week. Your picks are well I am speechless.