New Turkeybend PowerRankings


As the season winds down it is time for the definitive PowerRankings to set the stage for the Playoffs 8)

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Instilled the fear of losing in the Stampeder brain cells after toying with the Stamps without using Sheets superior running game. The Stamps are now fearful imagining what will happen when the Rider offence combines both passing and the running game. Cornish is starting to wear down and will poop out come playoff time. As well, McMahon is really a home away from home for Rider fans outnumbering and out cheering the Stamps few faithful. Snow today stampeded by the Riders come playoffs in Calgary! Yeeha!

  2. Toronto Argonauts- Ricky Ray is back and this should lead the Argos out of the weak Eastern conference despite poor fan support in their Center of the Universe complex.

  3. Calgary Stampeders- John Hufnagel and Dave Dickenson have confused the quarterbacking situation so much that the players have no idea who their leader will be and the qbacks now have the fear looming over them of being yanked after one mistake. Not good for team chemistry down the stretch. And, snow already neutralizes much of their offence.

  4. B.C. Lions- Buck is back and the Lions may be competitive in the playoffs after all despite being without Lulay who is done for the season despite no official announcement yet. The problem will be playing in prairie weather which is akin to a Fruit Loops cereal box Pecan being dropped off by WestJet in the Arctic from the Carribbean. The Lions will slip slide away faster than the lyrics in the Paul Simon song which will be hummed by Geroy during the Western Semi-final. :lol:

  5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Too much offensive talent to continually self-destruct like they have been doing lately. Henry needs to wake up. It has been tough not playing in Steeltown for home games. :roll:

  6. Montreal Alouettes- somehow this mess of a season is being prolonged by the heart of the remaining veterans. Chip Cox is a beast and deserves MOP consideration. Coaching looks disorganized at best. Surprised they have been competitive lately.

  7. Winnipeg / Edmonton- We all should feel bad for the unfortunate luck both these teams have had on the field this year. Edmonton had all the calls go against them in Vancouver last week. Winnipeg hangs in there but one still gets the feeling that progress in not there. Hang in there fans we need competitive teams from these two historic CFL franchises. :rockin:

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide
Grey Cup in Regina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Damn I needed that.


All I want to know is if you'll be preparing your speech during the Grey Cup game when you do not see Durant et al representing the West in that all important game. :lol:

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if it were up to me, bobo would be banned for that pic.

Oh FYB...don't be such a sour puss. lol.. That pic must take you back to your heydays in the

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Actually… The Riders being slotted at number 1 ,is much more offensive then Bobo’s picture…lol

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What pathetic forum this has become. An absolute embarrassment to the CFL. Minimal football discussion and now you've got some jackass posting pornography.

Where are the useless trolls who call themselves "moderators"? Unbelievable a picture that tasteless would be allowed to remain posted for more than four hours.

This is almost as pathetic as that thread a year or so back where posters were brainstorming slurs for various ethnic minorities. I called out the moderators for allowing that disgusting filth to remain in full view of everyone and nearly got banned for it.

????????? This is Pornography????? WKRP in Cincinnati????? Are you serious???? Someone P.M and tell me what exactly has got you so riled up??? banned for this......the OP goes by the name Turkeybend,the pic is from a classic episode about a big turkey give away promotion,how is this offensive to anyone,it was meant to be a harmless parody of the OP,did someone hack and change the pic after I posted??? I am totally baffled on this one,seen much worse than this in this forum,both in pics and in posting,what exactly was posted for more than four hours??? Because this is what I posted,and nothing else.I thought that people would get a chuckle out of it,I guess I was wrong on this one.

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Seeing as how the image that's being shown now says flat out that it's hotlink protection, the explanation is pretty obvious. Bobo tried to link some other image in, the server saw it was being hotlinked, and swapped it out for one saying "don't do that". Usually they do that with something humorous, though this particular server apparently decided to use nudity instead.

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What is being shown on everybody else's computer ??? Because on mine It shows my original pic I posted of WKRP,is it possible that on everybody else's PC that that other disgusting pic that I didn't post is still there,but somehow it doesn't show on mine???? Can a Mod please remove this post entirely,to avoid further confusion about this unfortunate incident
Before this whole mistaken affair gets further blown out of proportion.I do hope we can but this all behind us and continue on with our further discussions on the best sport and league out there the CFL,especially with the play-offs and Grey Cup being right around the corner.

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With a Quotation around the pic "HEY GOOBER! NO HOTLINKING!" AND "Get your own ****** server, you bandwidth thief!"

The picture is pretty gnarly and not in a good way :? Sorry dude.....

This is CRAZY!!!! That pic does not show on my computer???? My P.C is showing what I originally posted...WKRP pic
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Honest mistake bobo, lesson learned, let's fix the offensive pic and move on.


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