New TurkeyBend PowerRankings!!


This weekend proved alot of things but not really anything. Hence my Powerrankings this week:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Have set the trap luring the STamps into overconfidence heading into the playoffs. Conservative play calling will fool the Stamps into complacency come playoffs. And, to lose again on their home turf will be the end of the Stamps and their fans. It is quite obvious that Durant is a better qb than Burris and that will be reflected in the playoff game in the Western Final. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink: :wink:

  2. Montreal Alouettes- AC and gang got it done. Ugly but a win. Cox has to be considered for defensive player of the year! :smiley: :thup:

  3. Calgary Stampeders- Got lucky with a win in Mosiac. Have the talent but can they win in the playoffs??? :rockin:

  4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Stomping the Argos has to be sweet for the Ti-Cat fans and players. Well deserved victory. :thup: :thup:

  5. Edmonton Esks- Big win over B.C. in Vancouver. Rushing yardage in colder weather will be huge in playoffs. Esks just have to get there and they could surprise.

  6. Toronto Argos- Yikes - they bombed against the Ti-Cats. Can they rebound- I think not. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

  7. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- close again but this record is repeating itself. Must translate to a win or they are done.

  8. Crofton House School for Girls- down low in the rankings but better than the Lions!!

  9. B.C. Lions- Plug your nose is all that can be said! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

My rankings are:

  1. Montreal-- although they eked out a win against the Bombers, they still have the best overall talent
  2. Calgary- solid win at Mosaic, exposed 3 big Rider weaknesses... run D, special teams and coaching
  3. Sask-- fell asleep after the first quarter, save for Getzlaf, but are still the best of the rest
  4. Hamilton- they are better than most give them credit for, a sleeper pick for the GC game
  5. Edmonton-- much improved, but injuries are coming at the worst time
  6. Winnipeg-- the hard luck team personified
  7. Toronto- where's the offence?
  8. BC-- how many ways to lose can this team find?

I'm disappointed, turkey. You were so rational with your early-season rankings that I was starting to believe your meds were finally working. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

That pretty much nailed it :thup:

Time to discipline and punish turkey for his crazy rankings. :smiley:

[ol]- Calgary: When this team is executing in all three phases, it is simply too much for any other club to handle. No weaknesses at any position, two masterminds at coordinator (Jones and Dickenson), and a coach who knows how to make halftime adjustments.

  • Montreal: It wasn't pretty, but the defense led the way in helping my Als clinch their ninth division title in 12 seasons. Here's hoping the offense finds its rhythm in the playoffs.
  • Saskatchewan: Durant's questionable decision-making, a lack of a proper running game, and a porous defense are starting to take their toll.
  • Hamilton: Would not surprise me to see Hamilton advance to the East division final and pull off a big upset. Kevin Glenn is having an outstanding year; just don't talk to most Cats fans, who would have you believe that he's a marginal player instead of a QB who sits second in passing yardage and number of 300-yard games and third in passing TDs and efficiency rating league-wide. :lol:
  • Toronto: Neither as good as their early-season surge nor as bad as their seven-turnover gong show last week. Barker needs to get a real CFL quarterback, though, instead of pretending that a 30-year-old NFL journeyman with no learning curve is the answer.
  • Edmonton: Finally learning how to win, but too little too late for this season.
  • Winnipeg: Winless on the road, and incapable of producing for fourth quarters.
  • BC: So who's the scapegoat now that Printers is gone? :lol: [/ol]

What makes Turkeys ratings this week funny is that school actually exists and is in BC lol

I'll take a stab at it;

B.C. Lions

Oh, you're telling me. I can't believe the amount of hate he gets from some Tiger-Cat fans. The guy has a shot at being an MOP candidate for Christ's sake! I don't think he will be, but he has a chance to be. You'd think Ti-Cat fans would be more appreciative of Glenn after the Jason Maas and Casey Printers experiments. The guy has been lights out ever since he took over for Porter. Some people are just never satisfied.

No kidding. And I didn't mean to tar all Cats fans with the same brush. In fact I think most of y'all are level-headed enough to appreciate Glenn, particularly after the recent dark ages (Porter, Printers, Maas, Chang, et al.). It's just a small minority making the most noise. :slight_smile:

Turkeybend. You got it wrong. The Argos let the Cats win. Just like the Riders let the Argos win 2 weeks ago (according to you). The Argos should be ranked number 1.


And they are generous to a fault… just to hide in the bushes. Why, if they hadn’t accidentally won those 2 games they could have been 0-8 over the last eight games. Magnificent strategy!

...haha, my sister graduated from Crofton...good call turk!!

  1. Calgary Stmapeders- Played the best of all the teams this week and deserve number one spot.
  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Showed some real strength against a team that just came off a big win.
  3. Montreal Alouettes- squeaked out a win against an underated opponent
  4. Saskatchewan Roughriders- didn't play well but not as bad as the rest. They did have a chance to win.
  5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- came close to beating montreal which isn't easy to do
  6. Edmonton Eskimos- beat the lions
  7. B.C. Lions- lost to the eskimos
    8 ) Toronto Argonauts- forgot there win on the flight home from Saskatchewan, will have to wait until Air Canada finds it so they can get another

Lets be honest Power rankings are supposed to be based on the weeks performance, not on the seasons... at least in my oppinion.

This years Lions are the Riders of the 80's and 90's :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :rockin: :rockin:

riders at one with two loses in a row....can you pass along what you are smoking?

if they were winless, they would still be at one...although I would love to see the rational :lol:

Okay I am fine with BC dwelling in the basement for 20 years. It's not fun.

Hey, I'll take basement dwelling over not existing, which is what my Als were doing for large portions of the '80s and '90s. :lol:

  1. Calgary - Best record in the league, most points for, fewest against, enough said.

  2. Montreal - By default (see Saskatchewan). Split with Calgary but humiliated in the first game then can muster only 22 points against Winnipeg? Lucky to win that game and should rank lower but…

  3. Saskatchewan - Offensively they are sputtering lately. The split with Toronto flattered them not Toronto but the Calgary game was horrible with 14 points in the first 2 minutes and 12 the rest of the way. Not the sign of a champion and it gets worse from here with the loss of Bagg and Congi. Should rank lower but…

  4. Hamilton - Wow! They pounded Toronto. Talk to me when they beat one of the three above them. Until they show they can play with the big teams they don’t stand a chance in a big game. Could be higher but need to prove it on the field.

  5. Toronto - If they can find a way to get a bye in the East Semi-Final this team would be the dark horse to win the Grey Cup. To bad Montreal has that and Toronto has to play Hamilton to get there.Doesn’t look good for more than 1 playoff game for them.

  6. Edmonton - Look good one week, pathetic the next. Lately when they play well they win. Now if they can string together more than one game in a row where they play well…

  7. Winnipeg - Look good one week, pathic the next. Sounds familiar, however they too often play well enough to lose by a couple. When you hold Montreal to 22 points you need to win those games. Too often the Bombers don’t.

  8. BC - A 10-3 fourth quater to force overtime then blow it in OT for the second week in a row. I feel sorry for Wally.