New Turkeybend PowerRankings- Riders and Stamps!!

:cowboy: :rockin: The universe is unfolding as it should. The truly dominant teams are rising to the top! :D :D : 8)

So as of Sept. 7th here are the new Power Rankings:

  1. Calgary Stampeders- With Cornish back and a sweep of the Esks, the Stamps deserve to be # 1.
  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Only an injury to Durant stops them from being ranked # 1. Dominated the two banjo bowl games. Poetry in motion but concerns with Darian going down. Stamps have more depth at qb. too.
  3. Edmonton Eskimos- tough two losses against Calgary but battled throughout the last game. Who will be their number one QB is the question now???????/ :wink:
  4. B.C. Lions- despite a disgraceful effort in the capitol city and Lulay disappointly done, the Lions have the talent to do some damage and Glenn is a proven veteran.
  5. Winnipeg Banjo Bowl Bums- still on the right track and kudos to their head coach. Willy is young and needs more experience.
    WHY EVEN MENTION THE EASTERN TEAMS???????????? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Rider Pride Nation Wide.

#6 rank - Montreal :rockin:

Your power rating is pure BS. Just like you are. I don't appreciate you calling my team bums I'm sick of your disrespect and arrogance.

Kim Murphy endorses this statement !!

This is clearly a case of being able to dish it out, but can't take it... you are taking yourself and turkey way too seriously...

I have never insulted your team or its players. He can at least show the same respect.


To you who thought I insulted your team - you did not read past the for fun title I put on your team ( Banjo Bowl Bums).
I then said, " Kudos to their Coach .... Willy just needs more experience--- progress being made.

My best friend and best man is a Chicago Black Hawks fan. I, a Montreal Canadiens fan. For years we tease and bug each other with comments but not intended with any disrespect. Rivalries in fun not rivalries in hate. Obviously, I have respect for your head coach, quarterback and team. Look recently and I have celebrated the spirit created by the Banjo Bowl rivarlries and said it is wonderful Winnipeg appears to be on the right track. To end I will say did you see on t.v. today at the game Rider fans sitting next to Bomber fans teasing and having fun in the spirit of sport.
If you are offended I apologise.
If you think this forum and CFL football, CIS football or high school football would be more fun without teasing and disparaging opposing teams I agree to disagree with you.
Have you ever been to a high school assembly where skits about the opposing athletic teams happen that heighten the rivalry. All in fun. Relax. You have a good team this year and great fans and a first class stadium. All is good , no one died but Riders Ruled today and last week!! :cowboy: :rockin:

I'd put Riders at #3 Looks like Durant could be gone for some time now.

There are three divisions this year

Division 1
Calgary and Sask

Division 2
Winnipeg, Edmonton

Division 3
BC,TO,Hamilton,Montreal, Ottawa

You haven't even played Edmonton. Don't you think you should be playing them first before you dismiss them.

We've only lost to Calgary don't think you can stick us into 2nd division you barely beat the bombers and probably lost your starting QB for a few games if not the season . I think the Riders should be dropped to division 3 with BC since you and the Lions don't have a starting QB.

Hmmm I didn't see Edmonton playing their starting QB this weekend (and Doubles hasn't even been confirmed out for any game). Ya we beat BC, half the game with our second string QB, we also sweeped Winnipeg 3 times. All but two of your wins are against east teams which have a combined win record of 9 wins which is one more than Sask and tied with Calgary. And of course, we haven't lost since the second week of July.

Well me thinks Doubles will be out for a while. Once teams know who is starting for the Riders they will pick this guy apart he'll be sitting by the start of the third quarter.

Pick him apart. He's going to get crushed. :lol:


Thinking about changing the Turkeybend Power Rankings due to Durant's and Lulay's injuries.

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Calgary
  3. Edmonton
  4. Winnipeg
  5. B.C.
    the east

1 Calgary
2 Edmonton
3 Saskatchewan
4 Winnipeg
5 B.C.

Yah. but neighther does Edmonton, even with no injuries. :rockin: :rockin: Uof S Huskies could feast on the East this year.


I think Hamiltons still over Montreal. I had Hamilton over Toronto due to beating them but moved Toronto back uo after losing to MTL. So
6 the arhols
7a sweetness and light (to steal from oski)
7b montreal


101 Ottawa