New Turkeybend PowerGobble Rankings

Wow- what a weekend of games. Hence the changes below in the rankings!! :cowboy: :oops: :oops:

  1. Calgary Stampeders- Will there be a blip on the screen this season. Does not look like it right now. Unless Henry gets hurt. The Stamps are in cruise control particularly with the Riders loss.

  2. Montreal Als- I stand corrected but did not know MacPherson would play. He is the real thing and the heir apparent to AC. A different team with he at the helm. Devastating loss for Hamilton

  3. Saskatchewan- The Riders are here because of their earlier success but need to realize this is not the same team as last year. No pass rush hurts them immensely, as does Dorsey and the play calling . Nonetheless, record puts them here. Must rebound against the Ti-Cats at home.

  4. Hamilton- played only a half of football. Big game on the road this week is Sask. will tell whether they will continue to be contenders.

  5. Winnipeg- very impressive win vaults them ahead of Toronto. Must build on this and win two in a row or will drop again.
    Nice effort two weeks in a row by Coach LaPolice's squad.

  6. B.C. Lions- A good win for the Leos in a game they should win. Casey is starting to scramble and good things happen rather than being an unsuccessful drop-back passer. However, the Argos stink on offence.

  7. Toronto- as someone said on TSN ( Stegall) they have been exposed to how mediocre they are.

  8. Edmonton- better effort but less talent. Need some miracles to happen :cowboy: :cowboy:


I'm sorry but when you can't even muster a field goal against the Bombers, you are the worst team in the CFL.

I think youre right with SSK being number no 3 but its a very shaky no 3. Winnipeg and BC are interchangeable I think right now, it`d have the same effect if WPG went down and BC went up a score. everything else is spot on another good one.

The Riders play Calgary this week at home Turkey. That will be an interesting game. I really hope they are disgusted with their play, and come out playing with something to prove the next game.

I believe Hamilton plays in B.C. this week and Saskatchewan hosts Calgary.

[ol]- Calgary: Class of the league. Gap between the Stamps and everyone else is pretty wide. Playing against this offense, you face a Frankensteinian combination of Henry Burris's athleticism, escapability, and arm strength and Dave Dickenson's creativity and surgeon-like dissection of the field. Oh, and one of the league's best running backs of the last decade, Joffrey Reynolds. It's almost unfair. :slight_smile:

  • Montreal: McPherson = Proof of concept that we can win without Calvillo. The defense took the previous week's offensive POTW (Glenn) and completely shut him down.
  • Saskatchewan: They are going to take a tumble in the rankings if they don't shape up soon. Only here because nobody below them is demonstrably better at the moment.
  • BC: This is more like the team I thought I'd see at the beginning of the year.
  • Hamilton: Awful ground game and questionable playcalling are really starting to hurt the Tabbies.
  • Winnipeg: Didn't think a Kavis Reed defense could look this good, and we'll see how they fare in the long term, but obliterating Saskatchewan in the Banjo Bowl was a huge step toward respectability.
  • Toronto: No Boyd, no Copeland, no offense, and the D simply isn't good enough for the Boatmen to win too many low-scoring games, even with Ricky Foley.
  • Edmonton: Tillman is a great football mind, but even he will need time to turn this franchise around.[/ol]
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In the Huddle rankings.

i dont see how Saks can lose to the apparent bottom 2 teams, and still be in third place but whatever....

I am guessing that with foley and medlock, the argos may have gone up a notch or two.

Excellent take!

I love it how the Riders early success keeps them at 3 yet the Argo's early success means nothing so you rank them 7. Take away that fluke win vs. Montreal in the opener and both clubs have the same record. Last time I checked Riders have lost 2 out of 3 since their bye and those loses were to Winnipeg and Edmonton.

how do 2 players who havent played this year move the argos up a notch?

foley had 1 good year, so did medlock. they arent like gamechangers i dont think.

argos have a good d and sp teams, its their offense that sucks and without boyd, id say they go down… oh down.

Toronto has a mediocre offence.
Saskatchewan 's offence is capable - no fluke to score 50+ points against Montreal. It is poorly coached right now but still capable. I would take the Riders offence over the Argos any day of the week.
The Riders should be ranked ahead of Torontoads.

I love how fans use wins and losses to assess power rankings that are supposed to be about more than just wins and losses.

Honestly, if you're that hung up on a team's record, check out what some may call 'power rankings', but what I like to call THE STANDINGS. :lol: