New TurkeyBend PowerGobble Rankings!

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Hope Summer is being good to all you CFL junkies. Man we live in a great country.

The air is clearer after this past weekend results proving once again that this old turkey is a successful soothsayer sometimes!! Here is the diffinitive CFL Rankings with Power after Week 5:

  1. Montreal Alouettes- As I suspected, Toronto has been disguising itself as a football team and the Als uncovered the plot and dismantled the hapless Argos with power, patience and good defence. AC is a master at taking what the defence gives and the combo run / pass attack is remarkable. Well deserved # 1 Als who will run away withthe East again.

  2. Calgary Stampeders- ARe these Stamps lucky are just good enough to win even when they play bad. A re-occuring record with the Stamps doing just enough to win. The Stamps are winning their home games which will be hugely important. Rambo seemed to help them. Again, on paper a powerful offence.

  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Survived a testy Ti-Cat team but did enough to win handily. RIDERS ARE TO BE COMMENDED FOR NOT MISCOUNTING PLAYERS ON THE FIELD FOR SEVERAL GAMES NOW!!!! :oops: :oops: Still not operating at full throttle on offence but the Cates / Durant / Canadian Air Force is tough to stop and eventually wears you down. My Rider's defence needs shoring up big time but these Riders are still in the top group of teams in the CFL this season.

  4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Gave the Stamps all they could handle and have some fight and never quit attitude. I still think the Bombers are better than Toronto overall.

  5. Toronto Argos- will fall fast from contention but their record still puts them ahead of the also rans. Defence can win some games but sooner or later offensive sputtering catches up with you as the defence never comes off the field and gets exhausted and peeved off.

  6. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- The Ti-Cats need a win and must beat the Argos when they play them. Glenn has been great at times but big time boo-boos have hurt this capable team. What would you do as coach of this team which has some talent on paper. In fairness tough to win in Saskatchewan.

  7. Edmonton Eskimos- The Esks played hard for their popular coach but still almost gave the game away that they should have won easily. A second win soon needs to happen to make these guys contenders. Danny M. is gone - let's see how the players respond.

  8. B.C. Lions- How sad are these Lions and their fans ( Grims etc.) The score in the Edmonton game was flattering to the Lions and they have to face the Stamps next!!!!Unable to think on the field and orchestrate an entertaining , let alone sensible offensive scheme, the Leos stumble to loss after loss and an uncertain future. Frankly, I am tired of some B.C. posters excusing their ineptness when in truth this franchise should be one of the leaders in our league based on revenue and talent recruited. Finger pointing to Wally, Chapdelaine, Printers, the 'o' line, the receivers, the defence, the water boy, the parking at Empire funny farm, the cheerleaders, Paul McCallum's girdle, David Braley's furniture etc. etc. does not disguise that all are to blame for this disaster. Little Flower Girls school in Vancouver could field a team with more heart. One word sums it all up = EMBARASSING!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Maybe a move to the Maritimes or Quebec City would jump start these bums! I actually feel sorry for Wally as he watches this non-team self-destruct. C'mon Lions we need you to be successful in this league - at least competitive.

...a pretty accurate assessment turk, your doctor must have upped your meds...

...wonder how long BC continues to perform badly before the conspiracy theorists begin associating their record with Braley owning two teams....

Stop giving them ideas, red...

I'm not making any excuses. We suck this year.

I enjoyed the Little Flower jab. All the girls in my family went to Little Flower. Youre right, they probably do have more heart than these Leos.

I nominate Turkey to the official power rankings guy-- he does a lot better job than the "mathmetician" whiz at the league office... his rankings make sense... unlike this site's pathetic attempt at it...

Once we fire Chapedelaine, then we can start on the other issues. Calgary will come in and embarrass us on Saturday. No conspiracy here Red.... Our Offense is too predicatble. I predict a "pic" for both Browner and Anderson on Saturday night. :x :x