New Turkeybend PowerGobble Rankings

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Things are getting interesting in the West. Let’s see how the teams now should be ranked

  1. Montreal Alouettes- Bonjour Als. Gave the Bombers a whumping. Cahoon is a tough dude. Cavilho keeps going. I like their coach. Not cocky, knowledgeable but a players coach. Well done Als.

  2. Edmonton Eskimos- On the merit of their exciting wins over Calgary and my Riders , the Esks deserve to be here. How long can they keep pulling off miracle comebacks??? Ritchie Hall is a master at getting players to play to and beyond their potential. Riders loss was Edmonton’s gain. A class act on and off the field is Mr. Hall!!!

  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Great home win over a tough Ti-Cat team that doesn’t know when to quit. Things are starting to click for the Riders with Cates back in stride and Claremont busting out beyond being an outstanding blocker. The receivers are marvellous and will get better with Fantouz’s return. Claremont’s catch was one of the best I have ever seen, snatching the ball away from a defender with sheer muscle while on the way down to the ground. Claremont is Clark Kent in real life but Superman on the field. Durrant is coming of age - a great team victory. Back in 1st where they belong.

  4. Calgary Stumpeders- They keep stumping the experts by losing despite all the talent in their lineup. Something is amiss in Cowtown. Is this a team of individuals rather than a cohesive team???

  5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- I said the bubble would burst at Mosiac last week. This is a character team but not a super talented team on offence. I wonder still how the Tiger-Cats will fare as the season progesses and teams learn how to shut down Cobb!!!

  6. B.C. Lions- A miracle comeback against a lousy team. Nothing to get too excited about. The QB situation is the big question. Pierce is just too accident prone and Wally’s faith in Jarious was slipping big time. The 3rd string guy may still be the guy before the year is out. I honestly believe the Lions are going to continue to struggle - gosh almost losing to the Argos. Nothing to brag about this win.

  7. Toronto Argos- despite their last second bungling loss to the Bombers I believe the Argos are slightly better than the sad sacks from Winnipeg. The scary thing is the Argos have lost two games they should have won and the Toronto market is key to the CFL like it or not. Maybe Printers should be brought in to stir up the pot. Rita is known to do desparate things.

  8. A sad, sad story. My how the mighty have fallen in such a short time. The boobs from Winnipeg just look awful yet they were contenders such a short time ago. A sad story for the city and their fans. The answer = NFL cuts, magic Ukrainian potions for the players, and lots of Guinness for Mike Kelly. Bring back Troy Westwook!!!

  9. Ottawa - barely heard from this year!!?? :frowning: :frowning: :rockin:

Thanks for keeping Ottawa on the list!

Given today's news out of Winnipeg, I might be persuaded to place Ottawa in 8th spot and Winnipeg in 9th.

It's all so true about Winnipeg :frowning:

I would probably put Hamilton over Calgary, but excellent rankings as always!

I thought Montreal wouldn't do as well with a head coach with no CFL experiance but Tresman has proved me very much wrong.

I would have thought Turkey would have done it naturally! :wink: