New TurkeyBend Power Rankings


Heading down the stretch - wow what a season. Great wins by the Ti-cats, Als and stamps. How did they change our powerrankings???

  1. Montreal Als- Anthony’s back so are the Als. :thup: :rockin:

  2. Calgary Stampeders got it done in B.C. against the scary Lions. Stamps put themselves in a position to host the West final. Even if you don’t like them you have to hand it to them. Well done Stamps. :thup: :wink:

  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders- was the game in steeltown a mirage??? Let’s hope so. Their record puts them in 3rd but concerns are emerging due to the injuries finally catching up with them. Boreham’s injury may hurt the most as his punting enabled awesome field position for the Riders always. Time to sharpen for the playoffs boys. Prairie weather guaranteed for the playoffs is a good thing though. :cowboy: :rockin:

  4. B.C. Lions- Much improved and played will despite losing their centre for the season. Casey looked good again. Defence died at the end. A tough team to play in the playoffs. :thup: :roll:

  5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Back from the dead with their impressive win over the Riders. Wow- can Glen continue to lead them to the promised land in the playoffs??? :thup: :o

  6. Edmonton Eskimos- Beat the Argos - don’t give raises to the players yet folks. Let’s see if they can beat anyone of substance. :lol: :roll:

  7. Winterpeg Blue Bombers- the most outrageous coach in the league who will be gone in the off season leads to unpredictability. Too much uncertainty to go anywhere . Bye Bye Blue. :oops: :oops:

  8. Ottawa franchise- I’d put them ahead of the Argos!!! :smiley:

  9. Toronto Argos - Embarassing. Whole front office will be gone. Hopefully not the team from the CFL :thdn: . How sad are they.

:thdn: :thdn: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :lol:

Sorry Turkeyman, the Ticats were back from the dead two weeks ago when they lost by only 3 to the Als, then hammered the Argos last week. Only difference is, they beat a team of substance this week.

I'd even put the 10th team ahead of the Argos, absolute disaster.

It's very close, anything can and will happen. I'd put Winnipeg ahead of Edmonton though, because if they beat the Cats, they are in, and Edmonton is out.

Unless Edmonton beats B.C., in which case B.C. is out. Also, Edmonton can lose and still make the playoffs; Winnipeg cannot. And if B.C. and Edmonton tie, they both make the playoffs, but Winnipeg won't unless they beat the Tiger-cats. So it makes sense to put Edmonton ahead of Winnipeg.


never though of it like that, silly me. Thanks for the correction.

I kinda hope Winnipeg loses, because if they do, they will make some serious and needed changes to their team like a new head coach, keeping Bishop while looking for a solid backup to someday start, get some new faces and maybe looking into resigning the guys they dropped before and during this season if they are still available (I know Roberts is out for good, West wood is back :o for now..., what about Tom Canada? last I heard he was a free agent), get rid of cancers like Simpson, etc.