New Turkeybend Power Gobble Rankings

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Well folks, it is Thanksgiving Turkey time again and guess who is at the top of the PowerRankings. All the best for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, and, be thankful for all that we have in Canada including the CFL, peace, opportunity, democracy etc. , and each other whom we can agree to disagree with , without being killed or sent to prison.

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Dominant performance at BC Place where the Lions were supposed to be invincible! Even without utilizing Geroy Simon, the Riders dominated in all facets of the game. Cory Sheets is back so watch out every other team as the balanced Rider attack is back with a vengeance.

  2. Calgary Stampeders- Stamps were wise to get Kevin Glenn. Stop Cornish though and you stop the Stamps.
    a one dimensional team.

  3. B.C. Lions- The secret of Demarko has been blown out of the water by the Riders. Look for the Lions to struggle down the road with their running attack disappearing and rival teams scouting demarco's tendencies better. I see the Lions limping into the post season without much confidence.

  4. Wow- the east is a crap shoot- As of now I have to put Hamilton here as they have the most experienced quarterback but their defence stinks.

  5. Toronto Argonauts- If Ricky Ray returns flip this spot with B.C. Argos have a better all-round team than Hamilton or Montreal.

  6. Montreal Alouettes- Hanging in there but without a veteran quarterback dim prospects in the post season.

  7. Edmonton Eskimos- Coach will be fired and quarterback style of play will lead to Buck Pierce type injuries or worse serious concussion injuries. They never last long playing that style of reckless abandon play, admired by some but foolish in the long run. Leads to short careers. The Esks are done.

  8. Winnipeg Boo Bombers- Get out the paper bags fans. It all goes back to the firing of LaPolice and the G,M, fiasco. Dislike the Winnipeg fans if you must, but they are loyal and supportive but this season is trying the patience of the second most loyal fans in Canada. For the first time ever, this Rider fan has sympathy for the Bomber fans. They deserve better and the league suffers tremendously watching their apparent demise.

  9. Ottawa RedandBlacks- would beat the Bombers if they played right now.. :cowboy: :rockin: 8) :wink: :wink: :wink:

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That is not a bad assessment at this time Turkeybend though I don't agree with your reference that B.C. Place is where the Lions are supposed to be "invincible". Who on earth have you been talking to? Only a melonhead would tell you that! lol

As far as I'm concerned about Friday night's game against SSK, the Roughriders owned the Lions and fully deserved the win. At no time did I feel the Lions could stage any kind of a comeback. Sheets was right on the money and Durant did what he needed to do.

Are the Roughriders "superior" to the Lions or for that matter, other CFL teams? Well...they are certainly stronger than some of the other CFL teams and this past Friday their play was superior to that of the Lions. However, I would not call a team that lost 4 straight games a "superior" team.

Roughrider fans will be delighted if the Roughriders make it to the Grey Cup. Can they? Absolutely! Will they? Not if the Lions and Stamps have something to say. :wink:

I think by invincible at home, turkey was simply referencing the fact that since the Lions moved back in under the new roof they've only lost like 3 or 4 games.

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The rankings should go something like this:

  1. Calgary
  2. Toronto
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. BC
  5. Hamilton
  6. Montreal
  7. Edmonton
  8. Winnipeg

Seriously? I always thought invincible meant unbeatable.

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