New Turkeybend- Power Gobble rankings

:rockin: 8)

Time to clear the air and educate all CFL fans on this forum. Deep down all of you know Saskatchewan is the best province in Canada and that the Riders are headed to win the Grey Cup at home, how sweet it will be :cowboy: Oh yeah, Gobble rankings:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Biding their time and toying with teams teasing them into a false sense of security. Even the Premier is in on the gig. In the end, the Riders will put teams away when required. Autumn is the time for the rise again of the Green Riders.

  2. Toronto Argonauts- Got to hand it to these lads. Win again on the road against top ranked teams. Credit deserved and given.
    Excellent head coach.

  3. Calgary Chuckwagoners- Terrible loss to Toronto which is tough for all Calgarians to swallow because they believe they are the new centre of the universe. Can they rebound???

  4. B.C. Pussycats- eventually luck will run out on this group of sad sacks. Are they a running team , a passing team or a special teams team. Cannot rely forever on their defensive backs. Sooner or later their backs will break. And, remember a guy named Simon. Watch him gain revenge and enter the record books in the re-match.

  5. Hamilton Tiggers- With Christopher Robin (Kent Austin) leading the charge the Pooh bears are a confused lot still searching for the honey jar. Henry guaranteed, makes at least one key bonehead throw a game. Usually it is a decisive one.

  6. Edmonton Heartbreakers- The Esks have their man in quarterback Mikey but need to stop the sisters of st. anne on defence. Wow- how many points do they give up per game.

  7. Montreal sac de papiers- Fans will be wearing paper bags over their heads before this season ends- I guarantee you.

  8. Winnipeg wastes- Confused coach, confused team, so confused they could be dangerous because how can you scout such a mess. Time to throw in the towel and hope for the Jets.

Rider Pride Nation Wide. :rockin:

Yes turkeybend2; the above 2 teams survive The House Of The Rising Sun :wink: 2013 Grey Cup Game at taylorfield :smiley:
Rider Pride Nation Wide :rockin:

When I read this post, it made me smile!
Maybe that als rules guy who posts under the CFL website articles could be the first with the paper bag! He is always bashing Rider fans out of pure jealously. I honestly think he either can't spell the word S-a-s-k-a-t-c-h-e-w-a-n or pronounce it!

Just to add to the humor, I found this on the WWW

Web definitions
Alouette is an American brand of French-style cheeses produced by the French company Bongrain SA. The Alouette Cheese products are Soft...

This thread is just a bunch of gobble gobble turkey.

Ah but Turkey, if you rank the Riders #1 you're letting everyone in on the secret! You have to rank Saskatchewan #8 until it's time for them to start winning again! :rockin:

A very entaining read Turkeybend. I see you’ve been at the old hookah again. Been seeing any white rabbits lately? My favorite part was:

"Saskatchewan Roughriders- …will put teams away when required.?

Yep, no doubt about it Turkeybend. The Roughriders are waiting till the very end to make their big move. They did that with the Als back in the 2009 Grey Cup didn’t they? You haven’t forgotten have you?

Let me show you what happens when a team and its coaching staff can count and don't play mind games with the opposition like trying to toy with them or tease them into a false sense of security. :lol:

bobo I liked you before. Not so much anymore. :twisted:

MEMORIES.....1972....1989....2013????? :slight_smile:

Hmm..Ron Lancaster won a Grey Cup as a starting QB for the Riders, coached the Ti-Cats to a Grey Cup

Kent Austin won a Grey Cup as a starting QB for the Riders, current coach of the Ti-Cats and the team keeps looking better and better

Does anyone else think Kerry Joseph might need to start investing in a piece of Hamiltonian real estate?


EX RIDER Q.B's=TI-CAT HEAD COACHES=SUCCESS :thup: =GREY CUP!!!! :smiley: :thup: :cowboy: