New TurkeyBend GobbleRankings

Two weeks of games has led to this powerranking from this old turkey:

  1. Calgary Stampeders- Look now like the team on paper to beat in the CFL. :thup: With AC out indefinetly, the Stamps have all the weapons on offence and are executing better than anyone. Two good running backs, a host of good receivers and a QB who can run if he has to will drive defensive co-ordinators nuts. Henry has been wiser lately but he is as unpredicatable as CFL results are sometimes.

  2. Montreal Alouettes- Number 2 but not for long methinks with AC out. :thdn: :cry: Although they hung in there and won over Winterpeg, it is obvious the Als are a much, much weaker team without AC. Their defence cannot be asked to win all their games for them. This will be a good judge of Coach Trestman and his staff to see what they come up with without AC.

  3. Saskatachewan Roughriders- Must learn to put teams away though they always have trouble with the Esks especially on the road. Clearly they are better on paper than all of the other teams below them in the standings but face a stern test next week again. Durant has to be wiser and not force throws too much. Also, teams are starting to key on Cates so a more diversified running game utilizing one of the other backs to keep the defence honest needs to happen. Where was Fantuz on Saturday. Maybe Andy should wear a green antennae on the top of his helmet so Damien can find him quicker. Finally, my Riders again win the Nobel prize for mathematics - too many men on the field again :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

  4. Hamilton Ti-Cats- Still think they are better than the Argos all-round. :slight_smile: The Ti-Cat offense should score more points than Toronto's offence. Turnovers and special teams if equal should equate to a Ti-Cat victory.

  5. Toronto Argos- Still think they do not belong in the upper echelon of teams. Spotty offense showed itself against the Ti-Cats- shut down their running game and there is little else.

  6. Edmonton- I know this seems strange for a 2-6 team to jump to this spot but I believe the Esks have a better running back and better qb's than the other teams below them. An emotional win that could turn the season around for the Esks.
    Good move by Hall to bring in the back-up qb. Did it not appear to you that when Ricky Ray finally come in he played with purpose for a change. Good lesson to all players that if you don't perform it does not matter who you are - you sit and watch. Turned the game around and maybe the season.

  7. Winnipeg Blue-Bombers- Another lost season appears to be in the works for the Bombers. I predict they will come last in the east. Jyles is ordinary and poor Buck is a Pinto as fair as repairs needed to his body. Admirable comeback against the Als but not enough to turn this franchise around.

  8. B.C. Lions- What can one say except Casey was and is not the answer clearly. The Lions schedule does not help them either although no A.C. in Montreal's lineup gives them a chance. Lulay looked better than Casey because he can run out of trouble and trouble there will continue to be with this offensive line!!! :oops: :oops: The offense is lacklustre with little imagination resulting in BC offensive highlights being hail mary throws to Geroy who sometimes makes the miracle catch.
    When your season MVP so far is Paul McCallum - wow- you know you are in trouble. C'mon Lions we need you to be competitive and your fans are beginning to give up. Free beer, popcorn, autographs from the Little Mountain Little League baseball team and a free kiss from each of the Lions cheerleaders may be the only way to entice fans to keep coming to old/new Empire. :lol: The lions need a win more than you or I need a lotto jackpot. :thdn: :cowboy:

Agreed on your rankings TurkeyBend. As for one of the games next week; Toronto at Hamilton game will be a huge one at Ivor Wynne, thus to see which team will be sitting in second place once it’s over.

Well done turkey! :thup: :thup:

Very impressed you showed up today. :rockin: :rockin:

I guess expect the unexpected. :cowboy:

If you want laughable rankings, just wait until this site's PR come out... its a math whiz's invincible formula, you know... :roll: :thdn:

Sambo shows up and doesnt throw out an insult towards me or my Stampeders.

This truely is a remarkable day. :thup:

As for this sites power rankings........Ive looked at them once, shook my head
and mumbled, "brutal".

Turkey does a good enough job for me. :lol:

id swap toronto and hamilton, since toronto is 5-3 and only lost to hamilton because of 1 late turnover.

hamilton has only beaten 2 teams, and toronto has beaten 5, including calgary and montreal.

id say toronto is higher currently, with the the higher spot up for grabs on labour-day.

if your gonna place hamilton higher than toronto, then edmonton should be ranked higher than saskatchewan. :lol:

Good rankings, turkey. I might be inclined to flip Edmonton and Winnipeg, but I certainly see the case for why you think the Esks should be at #6.

Yeah, but Toronto has scored fewer points than Hamilton and has allowed the same. Furthermore, you say that Hamilton only beat Toronto because of a late turnover. Using that logic, Toronto has only won one game this year not because of a later turnover (the one against Montreal). So according to you, Toronto should be 1-7 or maybe 2-7. That would put them right near the bottom of the power rankings.

i think you missed my point, which was the teams played pretty evenly until that late turnover. not convincing enough to catapult the ticats over the argos yet. labour-day will be the determining factor, IMO.

again, if 1 ( narrow ) win gets the cats a higher ranking than the argos, then the eskies are ranked higher than the riders.

Turkeybrain, you are misguided with these rankings and your insults to the Lions will come back to haunt you.
As your Riders falter down the stretch you will be wishing you lived on the WestCoast, the most beautiful place in Canada.
While you will be shoveling snow and manure in October, we will be basking in our Indian summer enjoying the Palm trees at English Bay. Meanwhile, Wally will have the boys back in contention while you and your gophers (Rider fans) will be diving
for cover faster than a fart in the wind. The Ranking should be

  1. Calgary
  2. Montreal
  3. Toronto
  4. Sask.
  5. Hamilton
  6. Edmonton
  7. B.C.
  8. Winnipeg
  1. Calgary
  2. Montreal
  3. Sask.
  4. Hamilton
  5. Toronto
  6. Edmonton
  7. Winnipeg
  8. B.C.

Labor Day weekend should clear a few of these up.

Who cares, we all know who will be #1 by the end of November...............

The B.C. Lions. :smiley:

I agree with you about "narrow" victories. It basically tells you that both teams played relatively evenly. However, I think you completely missed my point which is that the Argos won ALL of their games "narrowly" except the one against Montreal. In other words Toronto's record is highly inflated, but is starting to even out now that they are actually losing some of those "narrow" games.

they lost one narrow game.
You are still basing your ranking of hamilton over toronto off of one narrow win.
That only happened because of a fumble with 2 or so minutes left in the game.

You obviously don't get my point (or are unwilling to admit it) and I am tired of trying to get it across so I'll leave it at that.

You are conveniently leaving out one point... that a good team, more often than not WINS those "narrow" games.

  1. Calgary
  2. Montreal
  3. Toronto
  4. Riders
  5. Hamilton
  6. Edmonton
  7. Winnipeg
  8. B.C.

Toronto is the only team to beat Calgary. Riders lost to the brutal Eskies. That's why I have Toronto above the Riders.

Why does it matter how it happened? Hamilton beat Toronto IN Toronto. That should be a testament to how good the Ti-Cats are, considering neither Calgary nor Montreal could do that. IMO road wins don't need to be flashy, just have to get the job done.

Yea well, Toronto and Sask. back to back games in the future will clear a few things up. The Turkeybend's rankings. :rockin:

by that logic, hamilton should be above toronto :wink: