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  1. Toronto Argos- With Don Mathews at the helm the argos will decimate opposition. The Don is back!

  2. Winterpeg Boo Bombers- With Troy Westwood at the helm the Bombers will decimate the opposition.

  3. Hamilton Tigger-Cats- With Marcel Bellf- ... wait a minute I cannot go on with this trife!

  4. B.C. Pussycats- Wally has just traded Charles Roberts again to the Bombers for Joe Smith. Buck will fly again against the lowly Riders.

  5. Calgary Stumps- Henry Burris has left the Stamps for the New England Pats to replace Tom Brady.

  6. Edmonton Oils- Ricky Ray and Jason Maas have left the Esks for Hollywood as they both signed with Disney Productions for a remake of Dumbo. Maas will have the lead while Ray will be his stunt man.

  7. Montreal Bagels- Anthony Cavillho will not play until after the federal election as he is running for the Rhino party.

  8. Saskatchewan Roughriders- what a fall from grace- last years Grey Cup champs are sitting at only 8-2 - what gives in Regina-- fire the coach and GM.!!! :wink:

Turkey, Im disappointed. As soon as I saw the title thread I expected the Riders at number 1.

If you don't show a little more biassed reporting, the rest of the Rider nation will run you out of town!

:lol: :lol:

It is awful late Sorty - past our bedtime methinks. goodnight and give Bucky a charley horse for me!!!!!!!!!

I meant Sporty not Sorty Sportsman! Cheers and good night!

I’ll be dreaming of TD passes and Geroy poses in the end zone! :wink: :wink:

I wish I wasn’t busy in the afternoon to see the CIS game ealier on in the day! That would have been a nice double header. :frowning: :frowning:

Which one- last week's UBC vs. U of A. or next weeks CIS games.
How on earth did the Thunderbirds lose to SFU??????????
I guess on a given day anyone can beat anyone!

Double Header on Saturday Sask Vs SFU.... Can't make that one.

Rumour has it the Clan is off the schneid…