Quite a surprising start to the season. Here are the updated rankings:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Wow- 3-0. Durant with a 110 qb. rating. With strong D , Cates, Dominguez back and others soon, Riders looking good. Even I am surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Calgary Stampeders- Offensively with Burris at 104 qb rating, Reynolds as # 2 in rushing and all their receivers and a solid kicking game, you know they can score. Nice win on the road in la belle province. Defence must come up big though. Win over BC to start season was huge for confidence.

  3. Montreal Alouettes- Tough loss at home against the Stamps. Cavilho with 117 qb rating and the surprising running of Cobourne (# 4 in league rushing) suggests the Als can score at any time. Veteran leadership is carrying them. Big test this week. A win in Saskabush will create believers across the country.

  4. Edmonton Esks- With Ricky Ray at the helm and all of his receivers - points will be scored. Acquisition of Prefontaine has shored up to a consistent kicking game. If the D improves watch out for the Esks dispite the most dislikeable coach to watch on the sidelines!

  5. B.C. Pussycats- Great win on the road in Winterpeg. Lots of heart and emotion for Bobby Ackles shown. Jarius throwing for 5 td's - wow!
    A solid win against the Bombers again this week under the dome will return the lions to consideration and create panic in the gateway to the west.

  6. Toronto Argos- chaos in the centre of the universe. Only reason they are ranked ahead of the Ti-cats is because Lumsden is out. Big test for Kerry Joseph this week. What happened to the dominant Toronto defence that used to win games for them????????????????????????

  7. Hamilton Ti-cats- Things were getting better with Casey playing better then Lumsden gets hurt again. This will make it so much easier to play defence against the Ti-Cats. Tough injury will hurt them big time.

  8. Winterpeg Boo-Bombers- biggest disappointment of the year. Glen has a 67 qb rating. Charles Roberts is ignored. Defence not getting the job done. Coach having fits on the sideline. Just a disaster. Was troy westwood the glue for this team, not just a banjo picker????????????????????????? :smiley: :cowboy: :rockin: :thup:

1 BC
2 calgary
3 montreal
4 saskatchewan
5 edmonton
6 hamilton
7 winnipeg
8 toronto
Talent wise, but some not playing to potential yet.

?!? Where's the "Don't let your kids do drugs smilie?" I have never heard of a POTENTIAL power ranking before. Umm yeah interesting. :?

  1. Sask
  2. Calgary
  3. Montreal
  4. Edmonton
  5. BC
  6. Hamilton
  7. Toronto
  8. Winnipeg

Tre Smith and Terry Caulley are excellent backups (some like Smith even better then Lumsden). Terry Caulley had 466 yards rushing last year in only 7 games for a 6.1 yard average per carry. He has had no playing time this year due to the outstanding play of both Smith and Lumsden. Smith so far this year has 182 yards on 14 attempts and is 5th in rushing in the league. He averages 13.0 yards per carry (this will obviously come down, but you get my drift).

IMHO, the absence of Lumsden will hurt. But not as much as people think. We'll have to change our game plan a bit, but not a whole lot. And remember, Lumsden is only out for this game. It's a minor injury.

Right on!!!!!!!! Turkey actually givin my team sum credit! Awswume!dude feeling pretty much agreeable today but I think You Put Edmonton a lil high! they had a good showing but was it a fluke? Same thing with my lions if they lose this week last week cancels out! I also think montreal should be below Toronto! other than that This weeks rounds may give us some more info into the future!
I don't agree 100% but you make sum good points!

but you make sum good points!
not to be confused with the some of all parts :P

…good one FootbalYouBet!!!

Hmmm, not bad Turkey..... Are you after Chris Walby's job? :wink:

Oh wait, he's unemployed now! :lol: :lol:

I would switch Hamilton with Toronto, but for once I agree.

Hamilton and Toronto switch for sure other than that this eems accuarate as ever :slight_smile: but watch out for edmonton to be #2 or 3 after this week when montreal loses and they win


Everyone wants to now... who would you rank higher?

A team made of Wes Cates' or Darian Durants? :slight_smile:

a team of Gainer the Gophers!!

My take would be more like this:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders. The only undefeated team in the CFL, the reigning champions haven't lost a game since what seems like fall of 2007. Maybe that's because they haven't.

  2. Montreal. Calvillo > Burris

  3. Calgary. Calvillo > Burris

  4. Hamilton. Lumsden is a man among boys, Printers is good, and this team will shock some others. Who've they lost to you ask? #1 and #2.

  5. Edmonton. Ricky Ray is good. Receiving corps is good. Defence isn't as good. Still a playoff team.

  6. BC. You're good every season. Geroy is still the man, but Jarious is still the woman. Resting on your laurels to see if you can finally pull one out when it counts isn't working. Look for Wake to be talking with NFL scouts next spring.

8a. Toronto. Kerry Joseph is in his 30's. He's had one good season. Do the math.

8b. Winnipeg. Glenn sucks. Dinwiddie is worse. Too bad Stegall isn't with a winner, I like that guy...

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people! Everyone treats this guy like he’s the second coming of Warren Moon. HE’S 34!! HE’S HAD ONE GOOD SEASON!

The only reason he had that season is because of a wonderful coach, brilliant strategist and motivator, KENT AUSTIN.

Austin brought out the best in him, like he brought out the best in that whole team. Burratto or Stubler (or any other coach in the league) could not do the same thing.

He’s mediocre. That’s it.