NEW TURKEY RANKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The word on rankings:

  1. BC Pussycats- keep winning big although the Stamps without Burris and a capable back-up is hardly a test. Lions biggest fear should be not being in close competitive games (except the Rider game) as they will get overconfident.

  2. Winterpeg Blue-Bombs- keep winning though ugly.
    Is Glenn coming down to earth??? Will the bubble burst for the Bombs?? BC vs. Winterpeg will tell the tale this week.

  3. Saskatchewan Roughies- The ship has been righted!
    Best coach and g.m. in the CFL. Toughest qb in the CFL (only one who does not get hurt!!)

  4. Toronto Argos- Keep climbing upwards. Nothing fancy or pretty with these defensive minded lads. But defence wins championships so watch out for the Argos down the stretch when the weather inevitably turns lousy.

  5. Montreal Alouettes- Looked mediocre against the Riders but at least they have their qb back. Have to protect him better or he will retire in a wheelchair in a couple of weeks.

  6. Edmonton, Calgary and Hamilton - tied for last.
    With the Esks, and Stamps losing their starting quarterbacks they are in serious trouble. Hamilton without Lumsden and Printers are scary bad though they keep fighting. Without offences these three teams will be brutal to watch. So sad for the fans as the excitement of the wide open CFL field is lost when the inexperienced quarterbacks have no clue how to use the field, and use all their offensive weapons.
    I wonder why each team does not keep a Canadian quarterback who understands the game, the field and the weather for situations like this when starting quarterbacks get hurt. With the onslaught of cold fall weather, many of these american back-ups who are from warmer climes will wither, slip and stumble in the elements down the stretch run of this season.
    I think U. of S.qb(Schneider) a couple of years ago, who could play in the cold, snow and had a decent arm, could come in now and not look idiotic like some of these guys do. The Calgary - BC game was brutal to watch as will be the Eskimos next game. :rockin:

I feel like im reading Turkeys diary or something.

a solid D-

What happened to the Saskatchewan Huskies? Did they fall off the map? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nope 4-1 2nd in Canada West #5 in the country. What happened to SFU maybe they should fall off the map.

Joseph the toughest QB in league. Possibly? How many times he been pulled.

First BC game at home, Wpg at WPG, CGY at CGY. 3 times unless I am forgetting others.

Those pulls were all for non-performance, if I recall correctly…Turkey’s comment was regarding KJ’s ability to keep on tickin’ after takin’ a lickin’…

Props to those rankings. The CFL does need more QBs, every team should have two good QBs. There have been some really poor games involving backup QBS.

Toughest qb in the CFL (only one who does not get hurt!!)
did you have to say. now you went and jinxed him. grrrrrrr

Turkey had the Huskies (Sask & St. Mary's) ahead of Hamilton at one point.

BTW SFU have been off the map for three years now! :roll:

BTW SFU have been off the map for three years now!
no its not, its right here [url=;jsessionid=2DCDD7A705F271DFDE5ADBAB1A6A7355?street=8206+wedgewood&city=burnaby&province=bc&postal=&lat=49.282777&long=-122.91636&scale=96000&poilat=49.231125&poilong=-122.928988&cm=false];jses ... 8&cm=false[/url]

Found it FYB 0-38, I thought that was map cross reference, not the win-loss record. :cry: :cry: