NEW TURKEY RANKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hamilton Ti-Cats- beat the mighty Stamps or should I say Chumps. Hamilton is now clearly the team to beat!!!

  2. BC Pussycats- Lucked out a win against the superior Riders. Wally’s bizarre calls (e.g. 3rd and 1 from his own 15 and goes for it???) will eventually be the downfall of the Leos though!!

  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders- clearly saving firepower for the playoffs!!!

  4. Edmonton Esks- Back in business although winning ugly

  5. Montreal Als- once you know who returns all will be well.

  6. Toronto Argues- Big win puts them back in hunt for first in the strange east.

  7. Winterpeg Boo-bombers- How the mighty have fallen.

8 Calgary Stumpeders- lost to Hamilton???
How far from the top can you fall??? :rockin:

You are clearly drinking from the slew again Turkey.

Whats wrong with 3rd & 1? 8) 8)

Since the defense has to give a yard, it was a brilliant call. :lol: :lol:

Coach of the year I say! :wink:

Saving fire power?...sheesh man....hinting that the results of the past few weeks is intentional just makes you look stupid man.


Heres my stand for anyone that doesnt subscribe to this gongshow:

  1. BC Lions- still the champs and stock is rising again
  2. Winnipeg Bombers- best in the east and down but not out
  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders- shed. only gets easier down the strech and the return of valued vets solidifies a pourous D
    3b or 4. Calgary Stampeders- right on the Riders tails...we'll see how team depth is as they respond to their own injuries
  4. Edmonton- Playing well considering a battered lineup, and have guys who will get it done at the end of the day. Ebell exciting
  5. Toronto- Right on Esks heels for the final east playoff spot...recent signings bode well but a lack of leaders. PLAY ALLEN!!
  6. Montreal- More trouble in the henhouse for these hipsters in 'treal. Too many distractions there to play football for an immature team without leadership
  7. Hamilton- Still the worst despite some bright spots in Kieth, Caulley, and R. Williams. Can you say nextyearsville?

Sooo Turkey...looks pretty opposite of yours...did ya have a bad weekend man?