Obviously you do not understand regardless if you adjust to the atitude under normal circumstances that would be fine. But playing a game or running that effect you regardless. Why would the Stamp players require oxygen if this was the case?

How am I "talking in circles"?
Because I accepted that ro made a good point?
All I did was point out that jet lag has more issues than just the actual game time.
More scientists and studies indicate that jet lag is worse if you travel east than if you travel west, but it is not conclusive by any stretch.
I tend to think going east is worse, ro thinks the opposite.
There is evidence to support both.
But pointing out that the effects are very individual in nature is not "nonsense".

Post a link to this finding.

I suspect players use oxygen when playing at sea level.
It has nothing to do with the issue.
The body adapts itself, overtime to playing at altitude.
The difference in Calgary is very slight.
You need to get to the elevations in Denver or Mexico City before it is a significant issue.
But it does impact performance slightly, even in Calgary.


You'll have to settle for Wikipedia for now:

[b]There seems to be some evidence that traveling west to east[7] is more disruptive, or runs counter to the circadian rhythm[/b].[citation needed] [i]Different individuals may find one adjustment easier than the other[/i]. Jet lag can be especially difficult near the north and south poles, where there are extreme periods of daylight or darkness, depending on the time of year, which often causes insomnia or hypersomnia.
[url=] ... itude.html[/url]

The fans don't like afternoon games in the dome. It was tried in the mid 90's and the only ones that showd up was wives & Girlfriends. After that one horrific year, they went back to night games. Only Western Finals and a Monday Thanksgiving day game have been the "Afternoon Home Games".

The reason the Stamp players needed oxygen was from RUNNING FOR ALL THOSE TOUCH DOWNS! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Okay thats better!

Everything you ever wanted to know about jet lag (but were afraid to ask).

The severity of jet lag symptoms is most strongly influenced by the number of time zones crossed and the direction of the travel. [b]Most studies show westerly flights are easier to adapt to than easterly flights.[/b]
[url=] ... ookieSet=1[/url]

Good research and it kept you from posting three page replies! :lol:

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This is probably beating a dead horse but there are a couple of points I’d like to make regarding the East – West travel discussion:

• When Western teams travel to Central Canada, they do not always play a night game. In the recent game between BC and Montreal, the game-start was not 4:00 PM Pacific it was 10:00 AM Pacific. Given a choice, would you rather play a game at 11:00 PM or 10:00 AM?
• Altitude is a non issue in the CFL since the difference in altitude between CFL cities is not enough to affect performance in any meaningful way.
• Football is primarily an anaerobic activity so by definition, performance in that sport it is less affected by altitude and the effects of partial pressure than it would be for a soccer game for instance, where players work at sub-maximal levels for sustained periods of time.
• Injuries are not an excuse for poor performance, they are a factor. Jet lag in the CFL, with teams traveling one to two days before competition is not a factor in poor performance, it is an excuse.

Good points.
Personally, if I were a pro-athlete, I would prefer to start a game at 11PM than 10AM.
It isn't the start time, it is the disruption of routine that is the issue.
But as a night person, I hate mornings, and so starting a game earlier would have greater effect upon me.
Everyone reacts differently.

Football is an anaerobic activity, but it also requires endurance.
I never meant to suggest any large difference regarding the altitude in Calgary, but even minute changes can have impact.
But no, it isn't Mexico City...

Jet lag, injuries, altitude all impact sports, but none of them are excuses.
Teams know about these factors and have opportunity to deal with them.
You prepare, you go out and play the game.
If you aren't good enough to overcome these obstacles, tough...

They should play games in Newfoundland. There no one knows what time it is and they play 17 and-a-half minute quarters....

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