1. Ottawa Rough Riders- Have not lost a game this year!!!

  2. Calgary Stampeders - Hottest team in the league

  3. Winterpeg BlueBombers- Keep winning while others in the East keep losing.

  4. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Hanging on but injury to Dominguez hurt the Green and White.

  5. BC Pussycats- Won a game they had to. Mind you the Als travelled 16 time zones to play and could not practise outside in Vancouver due to the garbage strike.

  6. Edmonton EskimoPies- Big win keeps their season alive.

  7. Montreal Als- Fading faster than the Bloc Quebecois.

  8. Toronto Argos- disappointing game last week brings back doubts about this team all-round.

  9. Grade 8 boys team from Campion College- probably more competitive than the Tiger Cats

  10. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- highest paid qb in league. Worst offensive performance in the league. Ouch! :rockin:

Is there another team that could honestly be #1? I don't think so...

I love the bit about the Als complaining about having to fly out west through the time zones, and like the west doesn't have to fly through time zones to play in Montreal. :wink:

You got my point 4evercfl. Well done! The East is the centre of the universe according to Marty York!!

Not only Marty York..there are a few others too!

Um Turkey, Montreal was at Edmonton. It was Toronto flying across the time zones, leaving the Centre of the Universe.

Toronto , Montreal- what is the differnce- they both think they are the centre of the universe. Howver, I do stand corrected on who played whom Sportman!

  • gobble, gobble

There is a difference between flying east and west.
That being said, ask yourself why BC will never play a Saturday or Sunday afternoon game.

David Braley and Wally Buono are 7th Day Adventists?

Didn't hear the Lions complain about playing Als on a Sunday afternoon in Montreal.

And why would they complain?

So how'd the Leos do this year in Montreal?
Anyone who dismisses "jet lag" as a factor in games needs a reality check.
Of course it is a factor.
But then again, it is part of the homefield advantage.
Calgary gets the advantage from altitude.
Adapt and overcome.

And its easier to travel east than west

I think we could debate that....

Well in my opinion.
When an eastern team travels west and plays a 7PM game there, Their bodies think its 10 PM. By the time the 3 quarter comes to an end its well after midnight for them.

Now, for a western team(BC for example), travels east and plays at 7PM, for them its only 4 in the afternoon. 3RD Quarter makes it 6PM

Seems to me they are in better shape at 6 than at midnight!

What you say is true.
And there does not seem to be any consensus as to which direction is worse regarding jet lag.
But there is a slight leaning towards the belief that jet lag is worse travelling east, than travelling west.
And while you make a valid point regarding starting times, there are many other issues in play.
sleep patterns, practice times, meals, all come into play.
The only thing we seem to know for certain, is the reactions of the individuals is more important than the direction.
Some people have significant reactions, some have no reaction.
Given that simple concept, it makes sense that a given team may travel well or not, depending upon the composition of its players.
But every team will feel some impact.

Not really all players play at that altitude. Have you noticed many Stamps after a long run (good example against the riders 84 yarder and 85 yarder) both Nik and Jermaine were on oxygen afterwards. No difference. Both teams play in that altitude.

I agree with you Ro on this issue.

There you go talking in circles again. The fact is playing a game at 11PM is much harder to adapt menatlly then playing a game at 4 pm unless that is your dinner time. Unbelievable. Ro proves you wrong and you try to skirt the issue with non sense.

As you clearly either don't understand what I said, or know nothing about the affects of altitude, why do you you post?
Of course both teams play at the same altitude.
That isn't the issue.
The issue is if you ARE NOT USED TO playing at altitude, then it becomes an advantage to the team that is.
Now Calgary doesn't have the same advantage as say Denver, but it is an advantage.
Unlike the debate over east vs west jet lag, this one is not even up for debate...altitude is an advantage.