New Turf for THF

I was just wondering if the city has plans to replace the field turf at THF before GC21, I believe that with its past historyof causing injuries, whether the city would contemplate a new surface such as a full natural turf with synthetic fiber injections like Wembley Stadium in London and many of the northern climate NFL stadiums. We don’t want the embarrassment of GC18 in Edmonton to happen again and just the having best turf period.

Usually doesn’t get that cold here by late November. THF is the southern most stadium in the league. And the turf isn’t very old, I’m sure it have a greater life expectancy than to 2021.

I’ve never heard that the turf is causing an injury epidemic?

The idea has been brought up in the past on this forum.

However, considering the field surface has been brought up, I’ve always wondered… Why don’t we have real turf?

I can certainly imagine the added costs, but I believe that athletes seem to prefer it & what else is the stadium honestly being used for besides upcoming soccer (again… real turf preferable).

Legend has it that Edmonton and Winnipeg benefited from certain field crew “advantages”. Something to think about come 2021 :wink:

THF is also used as the Ticat practice facility. Between that and whatever other use the field gets, it’s too much abuse for natural grass to be maintained in high-performing condition without spending an exhorbitant amount.

It is too bad there isn’t a new turf that had a shredded paper base, firstly it would be good for the environment and secondly,
It is a well known fact that the TiCats are a Championship caliber team on paper. :wink:

Oh Grover, you have joined the Dork side of humour on this site . That was clever . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (one of many Grover fans)

This turf needs to be replaced asap!!