New Turf at the Big Oh

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Official release, Montreal - The Montreal Alouettes will play their upcoming game at Olympic Stadium on a brand new Montreal-designed playing field, the XLTurf Pro.

Developed by Polyprod Inc. under the T.E.A.M. Sports Surfaces banner, the XLTurf Pro product line features a patented absorbent padding that lowers the risk of injury throughout a game.

Established in Montreal in 2003, Polyprod Inc is currently the only company in the world manufacturing lightweight portable artificial turf systems.

The surface was bought by the Quebec Soccer Federation for the FIFA U-20 World Championship, but was not used during the tournament. The Alouettes, who have played on AstroTurf at Olympic Stadium for the last two years, will be the first team to use this new field.

The Alouettes host the Toronto Argonauts and their cheerleaders on Als’ Fan Day, Saturday, Oct. 20 at 3 p.m. at Olympic Stadium.

Its about time. The stuff they have been using for the last couple of years seemed awful

Photos here

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Excellent news for the Als :slight_smile:

Good news! Nobody likes those old turfs with the carpet burns!


Its a good thing our LEGACY gets new carpet. Is that thing paid for yet?


Good news on the turf.
Does anyone know the latest crowd prediciton for the game?

Someone in the Als section says he heard 40k. I have not heard any numbers

What's worst is that in 2005..the fieldturf was bought by BC, but Fieldtruf was willing to give it to the Al's/RIO to use at the Big O for free...but the RIO complained they didn't have any space to store it or it costed too much !

Bunch of idiot bureaucrats !

Our taxdollars at work long until they pull the same trick again ??

AS per the article, The surface was bought by the Quebec Soccer Federation for the FIFA U-20 World Championship, and not by the taxpayer
Now, whether or not the Quebec Soccer Federation is funded by the taxpayer, I do not know

Looks great. Hope you pack the house Montreal.