New TSN Website

I can't find anything. Went looking for Schultz's predictions. Looks like they've dropped this mid-season.... unless you can find them.

They're still there:

[url=] ... fl-1.88311[/url]

I am sure I will get use to it but... I HATE IT!!!!

Its awful...

It really is. It is too big for my screen and difficult to navigate.

Just to check the majorleague baseball standings. You have to click on 3 diferent screens... Its a joke

There's nothing wrong with it, mind you I didn't mind the old one either. It's a bit more modern with a much better system to watch videos.

How the heck did you find this? The link is through the MLB portal.

There's no log of the game in progress. :thdn:

It was under the CFL section, I believe a subcategory of Drew Willy playing.

Of course!

Pretty typical. Always gotta keep the site looking sleek and modern, even if navigation is a royal pain. I've often said that website designers have the most pointless job. They basically just create change for the sake of it.

100 percent correct. IT people with entirely too much time on their hands, and they have to justify their salaries somehow. They have evidently never heard the old line, 'if it ain't broke don't fix it.'

Not at all. The previous TSN site was awful. It was like someone just barfed up a series of thousands of links, widgets, and things, then arranged them in some kind of random order.

The homepage was a nightmare of stuff, it was packed full of things everywhere. It didn't handle high resolutions very well. The entire right hand side was just "random thing that's here with no organization". I could never see the scores I wanted to see without expanding the widget, because the space was not being used effectively. They display far, far more scores now.

There's some kinks to work out, like how I can't seem to change from MLB scores. And some of the columns need clearer navigation. But overall, this is a major improvement in the design.

What we're seeing in this thread is people used to the old one hitting something different. The reaction is ALWAYS the same. You were used to the old site and didn't notice how bad it really was. Take someone who never goes there and ask them to find Schultz' column, and they'd have just as hard a time as you're having with the new one. Harder, probably, considering that it was stick somewhere in a giant wall of stuff.

(If you can't tell, my day job is as a software and web application developer.)

100% nonsense. :stuck_out_tongue:

"IT people" can't just redesign an entire website of a major media company and put it up without management approval. They can't get the budget to do it without management saying "go do that". If they were actually bored enough to just do it for something to do, TSN is employing a lot of people for no reason.

This actually would have been in the works for a long time, to bring the site up to modern usability standards.

I think Tridus might be an IT guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m an IT guy, I think you guys are being whiners :lol:

Who, me? No, that's crazy talk. :cowboy:

So can you tell me where the game-in-progress logs are now?

Click the score at the very top for the game in question for that games details, including the log.