New TSN Website

I can't find anything. Went looking for Schultz's predictions. Looks like they've dropped this mid-season.... unless you can find them. << There you go, Mark!

I see that Oski has helped you out. The predictions were there earlier in the week before they unveiled the "new look". For futue reference, I think if you hit the "LOAD MORE" at the bottom of the page you would find the older posted articles.

My biggest problem with the site was logging on to comment - until I checked my email and realized that I had to reset my password. :oops:

Thanks--- but do you note that the link goes through the MLB portal?

And how far down did you scroll to find? I can click on your MLB link :smiley: but can't find it by navigating on my own. My much vaunted IQ appears to have taken a tumble. :oops:

The link is listed under the Drew Willy update article. The redesign is really problematic, IMHO. The navigation is nowhere as easy as the previous incarnation of the website.

Oski Wee Wee,


This is like when I go back to a grocery store after a few weeks and horribly find that things have been moved around to different aisles and not where you would think to find them.

You push the cart around for a few minutes and then go somewhere else.

Pity, it used to be the first place I would turn. They just can't leave something that works alone.

You actually go somewhere else instead of asking one of the usually quite helpful kids that work in grocery stores where something might be? :roll:

i know nobody likes change and it usually takes some time getting used to. but i really hate this new tsn layout

I have, and more often than not, I've gotten a shrug or a glazed look, which proves to be not very helpful.

Hey old fan - to be fair I have the odd time gotten that sort of reaction - but I don't let them get away with that incompetence. I'll ask them - 'If you don't know where it is can you please find somebody who does?'

That usually works. :smiley:

Hey Pat,

You must have better luck or I must be consistently running into the just hired staff.

The most common response I get when I ask for help in wal Mart (if I can find anyone working) is "its not my department"
By the way, I hate the new TSN site lay out as well.

To further answer your original query - I discovered while checking around the revised site that if you check on Schultz's name over on the right sidebar under the heading "columnists" all of his recent articles will come up including his predictions. Easier than checking the "load more" at the bottom - especially on the weekends when there are more posted articles about games played and upcoming tilts!

Like anything, the more you use it the easier it is to figure out. Commenting is easier and replying to another's comment will now appear right under it rather than pages later.