New Training Camp Roster Rule

From the Vancouver Province:

"An under-reported item out of last month’s CFL Congress will have an adverse effect on player movement of some teams during training camp. The league will allow only 12 player additions and cuts during camp prior to setting a 46-man roster, an attempt to control costs and response to those teams who have used the first three weeks of the year as an airlift. The position of the Lions is that the move will not effect them. Buono said if it takes 12 moves to bolster their camp lineup they didn’t do a good enough recruiting job in the off-season."

Jim Popp will certainly have to alter the way he works the training camp roster as he traditionally has had a steady stream of new bodies coming in during training camp.

This will hurt the weaker teams most as they may not be able to bring in cuts from other teams. It will also hurt young Canadian players the most as teams will not be able to bring in young QB's to experience camps and things like that. Stupid rule with questionable savings.

Today is the 1st of April,also known as April's fool.


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This is the link Richard if you think it is a joke. Scroll down to see it.

I would like to see the League official document, since what is written makes no sense. How can you allow "only 12 additions and cuts during training camp prior to setting a 46 -man roster"? If only additions were included,it would make more sense.

Assuming that,during the first week of training camp, a team has added 4 players and deleted 4, you are now at 8 moves and your roster is still at 70,including draft choices; after your first exhibition game you want to reduce your roster to 58 or 12 more moves/cuts ,since you know that these 12 players won't make the team; according to what is written,you will be limited to reduce only 4,since you already made 8 moves. Where are the savings? You would have to keep 8 more players in training camp,although you know that they are not good enough. Nonsense!

As I wrote earlier,12 additions is easier to understand but definitely not additions and cuts. Such decision are in line with the ones saying that we are "bush"; will the penny pinchers rule the League?


I take it to mean that from the start of training camp up until the final cut down a team can only add 12 new players, and obviously would have to cut 12 to make room if they add that many.

I don`t think that is unreasonable.

Selon le journal, Popp grognait à propos de ce règlement. Sans le dire, on peut croire qu'il a été adopté pour nuire à certaines équipes qui transigeaient leur alignement pendant le camp d'entraînement.

Selon Popp, les équipes qui ont été les ardents promoteurs de ce règlement seront parmi les premières à s'en plaindre lorsque des blessures surviendront au camp d'entraînement. On remarque ici un message de Popp aux autres équipes : ce règlement semble avoir été adopté pour contrer le succès d'équipes comme les Alouettes ou les Stampeders lorsqu'il s'agit de regarnir leur équipe au camp d'entraînement. Au lieu de s'indigner contre le règlement, Popp attend patiemment qu'il produise ses effets pervers chez ceux qui voulaient son adoption. Je suis certain qu'il a prévu quelque chose pour pallier les difficultés que ce règlement impose. En tout cas, il me semble qu'il ne sera pas si difficile à contourner.

I think this should be known as the anti-Popp rule as it definitely targeted the Als. If initiated by the poorer teams, we`re probably talking about our eastern rivals Ham., Wpg., and particularly Tor.

The 3-day rookie camp preceding main camp will take on added importance.

Also curious to know if someone from league office actually attends each team`s training camp on a daily basis to count bodies. I rather doubt that.

Stupid rule that the board might well backtrack on after a season when players get injured and all the teams who agitated for the rule now realize that it hurts everyone's football ops without providing a commensurate level of $$ savings.

You need six votes to make a change.

Another change apparently is that teams do not have to reduce their roster from 75 to 65 until June 17.

Previously they had to reduce to 68 after the Rookie Camp.

This obviously allows rookies more time to make an impression.

This is a bit off-topic, but I would like to see the active roster rule changed from 42, with 4 in reserve to 50, with a proportion of N and NI. Now I know some of you may say - what about the salary cap, the N/NI ratio…? To be sure, this would mean owners digging a little deeper into their pocketbooks and a re-think of our N/NI ratio.

However, my reasoning is the following:

Football is a contact sport with violent hits on occasion. This greatly increases the chance for season-ending or even career-ending injuries. In the course of a game, the coaching staff is left scrambling with few to no options when a key player goes down. If teams were able to dress more of their depth players, the loss of a key player could mean there is still a chance for the W. Within a few short games at the start of last season, the Als’ DHs were decimated and it was a version of “shuffle the deck chairs” from game to game where the secondary was concerned.

I think, therefore, that a larger active roster and a greater number of players dressing for each game would be beneficial.

You seriously called Winnipeg a poor team? :S
the Bombers made a $3M profit in 2011, have over 22K season ticket holders and are building a state of the art stadium... yeah.. they're poor...

Teams are allowed to have 75 guys + non-counters going into TC. If a team has 80+ guys going into camp they shouldn't need to make many additional moves.

The 12 "cuts/additions" is poorly explained in the article as clearly teams are allowed to cut 12+ players as just starting at 75 you would only be able to cut down to 63, not even close to the 53 man of PR + Reserve + active.

The 12 rule is likely only meant to be additions, or has to do with teams putting guys on the disabled list for TC.
GM's should be going into camp with the guys that will make up their 53 man roster, if the GM is so bad that they can't have competition everywhere with 75 guys + non-counters then that guy shouldn't be the GM of that team. the only exception is if a rare position like K/P or LS snapper goes down in camp to injury, as those spots generally do not get hurt or have a lot of competition at camp.

Owing 125 million dollars on a stadium does not make a team rich. IMO the only RICH team in the league are the Eskimos.

I see where the Bombers added OL Adam Rogers to their Training Camp roster. Dont think hes a K/P or LS :slight_smile:

As I predicted some of our Eastern Rivals are going to have a hard time fielding an Oline and the season is not even started.