New Toronto Stadium Too Small For Football

An article in today's edition of the Toronto Sun reports that the field at the newly constructed BMO Stadium in Toronto is too small to accommodate a CFL football field.

Therefore, it looks as though the Toronto Argonauts would not have a realistic alternative local venue to play in if their lease arrangement at Rogers Centre ended at some point in the future.

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Apparently if the Argos want to use the stadium sometime in the future, they will have to demolish stands in one endzone.

It’s a small stadium anyway.

The Argos would have to invest a lot of money to increase seating capacity to 30-35 thousand.

old new, if its even news. Brunt wrote a column on this Friday:

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....versus $62.9-million for BMO Field.
leave it to MLSE to ask the government for money, then use it the way they want to use it, not the way they SAID they'd use it.

had the argos ever decided to move there, they coulda built a second level ( like the Als are doing to molsons stadium ) to the grandstand to make it more CFL-capacity.

a similiar looking stadium would look nice on the Hamilton Waterfront with a nice TIGER CATS logo painted center-field!...HECK, its only $63 Million

$63M divided among the 512 000 Hamilton population is $123.05.

thats nothing...heck, i live in brantford, and i'd toss my $123.05 into the pot if it guarenteed hamilton a new football stadium.

but ofcourse that $63 million also had $$$ from private sectors u take $63million MINUS $$$ from private sector EQUALS'????'....then divide '???' by the population of hamilton!

in the BMO Field case, it was $45 Million from the public...the rest was private. ( which would be about $88 each hamiltonian..and u could spread that out over 3 years for a total of $30 each for 3 years )

I wonder wny people complain about a ticket increase?

To be honest, BMO field looks a little on the cheap side.

Many of the seats aren't even built on a solid concrete base, they are on an aluminum metal base.

Sure, it's fine for the soccer fans, and if soccer somehow sells this time maybe they can use the revenue to make improvements.

The kind of stadium I would like to see built for the ticats would likely cost 2 to 3 times the cost of BMO field.

I would rather see IWS refurbished instead of having the team move to a stadium like BMO field.

r4758 you're right. BMO was constructed on the cheap. I've watched it go up over the past few months and it looks downright flimsy. A TO paper says it'd cost $15 million to tear down the endzone seats at BMO to extend the field to CFL dimesions. Not a huge amount but, I don't think Argo fans would go see their team in what is obviously a 3rd rate facility even if it is new.

And in case you were wondering, IMO IWS is far superior to BMO stadium.

An Argo fan


I prefer Rogers Centre.

I still think it's a good football stadium especially with a nice crowd.

Hamiltonians complain about a ticket increase because they are watching football in a decrepid 76 year old stadium for one reason.

I'm a Hamiltonian, and I don't complain about ticket prices and I love the old stadium.

I was generalizing, but perhaps you didn’t understand that.
From what I’m seeing on this web site, MOST fans either want Ivor Wynne Stadium upgraded or they want a new stadium.

I understand you were generalising, and that was my point.

I don't think a few fans on an internet board are representative of anything.

This recent picture is date stamped December 4.

It looks like construction isn't past the point of no return with regards to whatever is being built in the one endzone.

If the Argos seriously wanted to get involved, there is no reason why construction on the one endzone couldn't be temporarily halted to allow for whatever modifications are necessary to accomodate a full length CFL field.

But anyway, that's not likely to happen as the Argos are doing just fine at skydome.

BTW, is there an artist's conception of what the 'bubble' is going to look like?

It will be interesting to see how well the bubble stands up in winter.

Nice photo.

From the Brunt article:
"According to MLSE executive vice-president Bob Hunter, no malice was intended. The decision to build as they did was a purely practical, financial one. "We knew that we couldn't build a CFL stadium at that price," he said, pointing out that the budgets for both the Varsity and York projects were in excess of $100-million, versus $62.9-million for BMO Field."

Yeah, I'm sure it would have cost untold millions to stretch the field a few more yards before a shovel went in the ground. Right.

I wonder how an NFL field would fit? And how it would be possible to move the road and any other obstructions if a more drastic expansion were necessary??

r4758, the open endzone is to the north end, and there is a service road that allows access to the CNE Food Building, so there is no place to add length at that end...the Argos and we, the taxpayers, got screwed here...and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment just gets richer and richer, as Stephen Brunt tells us...I CANNOT believe how stupid Toronto politicians are!

honestly who cares, the argos owners are cheap anyways, their practice facility in mississauga is a joke, they have like two portables and a cheap grass field, if the argos want to be considered a pro sports team, they need to spend money and build their own stadium/ practice facility, they basically practice at u of t for free, and why should the soccer folks allow the argos to play there?