New to this sport. CFL

:cowboy: Across the Detroit river, metro Detroit. I love football. I have watched canadian football occasionaly. I signed up for the fantasy canadian football league. My question is: What is the best positions to draft early in this league. qb's, rb's, wr's, k's?

Like any fantasy league it depends on the fantasy point structure.

Come on up to Hamilton and catch a game! Check out the players first hand!

Welcome mate! Maybe you could go to Windsor and check out the CJFL team they have there.

calvillo is a safe bet to QB's.

Kickers can get over 200 points in a season.

QBs can throw for over 5,000 yards but pick the vets.

Receivers will gather up lots of yardage and TDs because this is predominately a passing league.

:cowboy: I signed up for the fantasy football league. I Don't have a clue how their point system is set up. Like the Plato quote.
:cowboy: I'm too cheap to go catch a game. I won't even pay to watch the Detroit Lions. Best seat is in front of the tv. Cheapest too.
:cowboy: Do not have my birth certificate. Can't cross the border anymore without it.
:cowboy: Thanx for the imfo.
:cowboy: You've been most helpful, thank you.

can you cross with a passport? or do you actually need a birth certificate?

:cowboy: You can cross with either one, but I believe the birth certificate is free, passport is like $90. I have neither. I beleive both governments are changing over to passports sometime in the near future.

Currently, the US government will require a passport to be presented by the end of 2007 for all land crossings. Air and Seaports will require a passport by this year's end unless I'm mistaken.

Canada's not the stickler. you wouldn't need a passport to get into Canada, you just couldn't get back home. But if you have a problem, go one of the reserves that lie on the border. They'll get you through!

if he doesn't have a passport, then he will have a hard time w/o a birth certificate.

heh. Just means Canada will have a new refugee problem!!!! Then you wouldn't have to desert the armed forces to come up here and live. Ha ha..