New to the Forum!

Oh were referring to joining the Forum and not one of the players I listed :slight_smile:

My bad!

Is it even possible to like the Blue and the Cats?? :lol:

Lecture notes sound fun...what subject are you teaching? I'm still working away at my BA out here on the East Coast.

It was about 92F here this afternoon with the's only 88F now 8)

No it isn't. That's why I blame Barney for our horrific record of the last few years (sadly I've agreed with him 3 times in the last 3 years, but I'm really working on that) :wink:

Lecture notes sound fun...what subject are you teaching?
I teach in two areas. The course I'm working on is 'Contemporary Theology'. The other I'm teaching this fall is 'Organizational Behaviour'. I'm the Dean at a small college in Cambridge and a known fan of the 'Cats on campus. This year I'm hoping that the 'Cats will win more so I can be in a better mood for the students... even those from Toronto.

Of course it is and much more common than you'd think. Most blue team supporters have an Oskee Wee Wee in them somewhere just roaring to get out. Barney has come public with his inner TiCat and we should be proud of him. He's our resident Luke Skywalker: tempted by the Dark Side, but strong enough to resist its total temptation.

Welcome aboard LEC. Don't think this is a free ride. True members pick up an oar (or bailing bucket depending on the wind column).

Hi LEC, welcome to the greatest CFL team site going. (Bet Borehamgirl will agree with me on that one too. :slight_smile: ) I know you'll find the fans here to be fun, funny, knowledgeable, passionate, occasionally depressed, optimistic (to a fault sometimes), crazy, welcoming and extremely supportive of their team. Couldn't ask for more.

Mark, thanks for immortalizing me in a poem. Does that mean we're engaged?

As for liking two teams that are bitter rivals of each other, it is indeed possible but I'm medicated most of the time. Just kidding. I'm a big CFL fan and I've followed both teams since I was a kid and happily continue to do so. As Ockham pointed out, there are lots of fans who support more than 1 team but who haven't come out of the closet yet.

Anyway, welcome!!

An Argo-Cat fan

Welcome LEC! :slight_smile:
And they are right it is addictive, it’s way worse than Facebook!

Okay… I had better confess…the Bombers might be my other team…LOL I’ve liked them since childhood.

I have to follow the Esks and the Riders this year, because 2 friends of mine are playing for them.

I checked out some of the other teams’ forums…and they aren’t nearly as active as this one!

Do those of you who can;t make it to the games, discuss the game as it is happening on here?

Apologies for the bad typing…I;ve got my right hand taped up and it;s too much effort to go back and fix apostrophes :slight_smile:!

Mark, thanks for immortalizing me in a poem. Does that mean we're engaged?
That IS how I asked my wife to marry me (in a sonnet) but after 33 years we're still in wedded bliss. Sorry.... I'm taken. :)

The fans who don't go to games do have a play by play thread! You can go back and find the last toronto game! you can also listen to the game at! :slight_smile:

And it's on TSN as well!

I was just going to say...I think all regular season games are going to be on TSN this season :smiley: The season starts with a doubleheader Thursday night :slight_smile: I will be tuned in for sure!

A friend of mine told me on the weekend I was one of 2 people he knew that were overly excited for the regular season to start :smiley:

LEC1985, there are quite a few of us who live too far away to attend the games.
And YES, you will find us right here during the games. We will be rejoicing, complaining, criticizing, telling the coaches what they should have done,...all the things that being a fan entitles you to do.

And we are just as rabid as those are lucky enough to actually be at the park.

This week, we just may be joined by Mark, who is usually at the game.

Please join us...

Wilf, I will totally join you guys this week! The past 2 weeks I’ve listened to the Esks games online (only to hear how my Huskies were doing!) and had the live score updates for all of the games running at the same time…so I guess you can say I am a dedicated CFL fan…just wait until CIS season starts…then I really go crazy watching both leagues, plus the NFL :slight_smile:

I am the queen of yelling at the tv/computer during games…so it sounds like I will fit in :slight_smile:

Welcome LEC. I think you'll do just fine in this forum. It's lots of fun, most of the time. And, we're hardly opinionated at all... :roll:
I like your style, that of yelling at the computer/tv during the games. I've been known to lose my voice at the home games once or twice:lol:
Looking forward to continued posts.

Thanks Donna!

Are you a hockey fan at all? If you are... Go Wolves go! :slight_smile:

Myself, Caiteag, Sudburytc, and a few others who drop in from time to time like medic69.
And of course our resident lifeguard Bunny......maybe?! Havent seen Bunny for a while, I guess its lifeguard season.

Definitely lifeguard season here on the East coast... 34 with the humidex yesterday!

In Nova Scotia (you mentioned St. Mary's)???? It never seemed to get hot when we lived there. good ol NS.....last few summers the Humidex has been insane on the days we've actually had sun!