new to the cfl

watched the occassional game over the years (mostly grey cups), but my local cable station (portland, or) has started showing games weekly for the past two seasons.

really getting into the CFL - enjoying the style of play.

i am trying to learn as much about the history behind all of the teams. could someone provide a general characteristic of the teams in the league (for the sake of analogy - like the oakland raiders are dirty, broncos dirtier, pittsburgh play a blue collar running game ect.) what is each team known for?


Did you go to that exhibition game there in 92 between Calgary and Toronto --- Flutie and Ismail?

League thought for sure with Paul Allen's involvement, Portland w/b first US expansion team.

Anyway, to your question.

It's hard to generalize esp since I don't watch NFL.

Makeup of teams changes more over the years I think than in NFL.

But Hamilton is like Pittsburgh, reenowned for its smash-mouth defence over the years. It's also a a steel city.

Edmonton hasn't missed playoffs in 34 yrs and is the team other CFL fans love to hate --- in that respect, Dallas w/b closest.

Saskatchewan is obviously compared to Green Bay because they're both small-market teams, But unlike in NFL with all TV money, Ssk has rougher go in trying to compete. They have storied teams, esp from 60s but only two GCs.

As for the other teams, I'll leave that to others.

Hi, Welcome to the CFL. All you have to know is that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are the Darling of the league. Everybody just love them and are always saying such nice things about them. They’re like a little teddy bear you would like to take home. That is pretty well it. Some people might try to say otherwise but they are jealous. hahaha. Have fun. If you go the you should be able to get the rule book. There are definite differences that you might want to read on. Anyway it’s nice to have you aboard.

didn't see that game. wish i had. portland is really receptive to sports, but we never get franchises. probably would have been our one chance back then, especially as i understand the cfl is done trying to come into the states.

thanks for the info.

I think I have a grasp on the key rule differences (multiple men in motion in the backfield, 12 players, 3 downs, wider line of scrimmage) but I will definitely check out the rule book. I heard there are different rules for a fair catch too.

thanks again

the eskimos are the new york yankees of the CFL

-the BC lions are the colts of the CFL, as the tear it up in the reg.season then cant get it done in the playoffs....even works when comparing QB dickenson to manning...amazing reg.season numbers then tank in the playoffs.

-stamps are the 'it' team, as most have them pegged to go to the grey far are best in the west.

-riders are always one step away from greatness....that one step never seems to come....last year thier offence was bad and defence was good...this year its the opposite.

-bluebombers are the crap team that re-tooled. everyone underestimated them, and are now tied for tops in the league.

-the ticats are the team that always after tryin to buy a championship, like the NY Rangers, it just didnt work.

-the argos are usually montreals only threat for tops in the east. but thier starting QB has been hurt and are off to a slow start ( 1-3 )...judge them after damon allen gets back.

-the als have been the east top dog for 10 years now...they are a safe bet to play in the grey cup game every year.
they are the 'ying' to edmontons 'yang'.

Oregon 27:

There is no Fair Catch in the CFL.

Winnipeg, is the Chicago of the north
Toronto, is our New York
Montreal, you have nothing like it

David Braley is the Al Davis of the CFL.

.....the Saskatchewan Roughraiders.....I always liked that one....

All you have to know about the CFL is that the TiCats will start winning again soon and overtake the Eskies as the Yankees of the north.

And then there's the late great Ottawa Rough Riders (1876 - 1996, 2002-2005) who keep getting screwed by the CFL and the other teams.

I'll fill you in on a few old rivalries too.

Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan (Battle of the prairies)

  • Toronto vs Montreal (Usually for the Beast of the East)
  • Edmonton vs Calgary (Battle of Alberta)
  • Edmonton vs Montreal (Usually Grey Cup Game)
  • Hamilton vs Toronto (Just so close)
    -B.C vs Edmonton (Usually for Best of the West).
  • B.C vs Montreal (Just because of the Labour day classic game)

These aren't official, but winning these games means a litle bit more to the fans (although week 12 and 13 are actually official rivalry weeks every year thanks to the Labour day classics).

I'd call the Cats like the Brooklyn Dodgers of the CFL (if they didn't move to LA), and they are one of the most successful pro teams in NA, with cups in every decade since they were playing.