New to the CFL

My name is Andy and I am a new convert to the CFL. As the name suggests, I'm in MN, so I'm not too far away from Canada. I'm going to try to be the non-stereotypical American fan (Simply using the CFL as filler until the NFL hits then bail) and I want to learn the wacky Canadian game and embrace it. I'm a CFL free agent for the moment so I would love to hear pitches as to who to support as well.

I'd say geographically speaking, the Bombers are your team. Crappy luck :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome aboard, friend.

Ya but the Riders will take you through the whole set of emotions. :wink:

Don't drink the green cool-aide!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Where in Minnesota ? Like myself tons of people from Winnipeg enjoy attending sporting events in MN. Or playing in them :smiley:

All over really. I grew up in Rochester, went to college in Mankato, and now reside in Fulda (About an hour and change northeast of Sioux Falls).

Its not wacky at all... It is simply closer to what gridiron was 60 -80 years ago before you guys changed more and more rules. Your size of field, down system and goal post placement, were close to identical to ours back in the day.

Really? Because as far as I have ever read it was Harvard and McGill who first played a form of modern NA football, and it was Harvard that bowed and adopted McGill's rules. Sure, it was the US that made the first forward pass, but it was a Canadian team that laid the foundation for the rules. The game has evolved because there were so many variations on the rules in the early days. It wasn't until the end of the 50s that rules really started becoming standardized.

Hi! You should support the Montreal Alouettes, because my wife will punish me if I don't tell new people to do that. :smiley:

Welcome aboard! If you get the opportunity, simply watch a few games as an unbiased observer and see if a team catches your eye.

Welcome to a fellow American viewer! In the beginning I rooted only for Saskatchewan as they were in the 1st ESPN3 stream I watched. Now though I root for the Ticats as well as the Riders and not just because Fantuz is my favorite receiver in the league.


We are Rider Fans. We're everywhere. Even Illinois. :wink:

Saskatchewan Roughriders. May not win all the time but still the BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD!


Also, is Terry McEvoy on this site? Fellow from Minnesota wrote a book about being a Rider Fan. Met him at a tailgate and got his book. What's his forum handle, MinnesotaGopher I think?

I don’t think he is on here. He is on Riderfans though