New to Hamilton ... have a food question

Hey guys ... I'm fairly new to the Hamilton area and was just wondering if anyone could recommend a great place to eat before the Cats game on Thursday? ... A few of us are heading out to the game but no one is sure where we should eat? Any place that will be full of pre-game Cat fans? thanks! 8)

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It depends where in the city you are...

Endzone bar on King St
Rankins on Main St
Honest Lawyer in Jackson Square
Philthy McNastys on Upper James

There are lots of good places to eat. :slight_smile:

I like catleag's suggestions of Endzone, Rankin's and Phithy's.

You can also tailgate which is great fun.

LaLuna at King and Queen!

Maccheroni's on Main West.

Best Pizza in town...even better than the Attic (which I also love).