New to Forum/CFL fan in SE Louisiana

I'm gonna try to keep up with you guys on players and teams. I kinda lean towards the Eskimos and the Blue Bombers. I have a question, are there any CFL video games or board games for the CFL?

CFL video games, no. Board games, couldn't say.

Welcome aboard, Crusader...which part of Louisiana are you posting from?

I think it's a fair sized niche market just waiting to happen though. I'm surprised the league marketing department has not encouraged or patnered with (although maybe they have tried before already for all I know) someone to produce one. Would be especially great to blitz market it during the playoffs and Grey Cup since Christmas is only a month away at that time.

They're are currently no cfl video games,although there rumors floating around that one is in the works. They made a cfl board game 25 years ago called ARM CHAIR QB. I still have mine,but the cfl should re release it, or market another one.

Welcome to the CFL, my friend.

I've seen trading cards, but not much of anything else. Welcome aboard, Esks & Bombers, definitely has good taste.

It's not a real CFL video game, but the rosters were built in Madden '09 PS3

NFL field and rulebook, but you can't have everything, can you?

Welcome aboard!


YES! There is in fact a CFL video game. There used to be a great board game a long, long time ago, but I forget the name and haven't seen it in years. Check eBay maybe.

Not sure why people think there isn't one, but this game, while not EA, is decent never the less, and it lets you play ANY rules.

I have Sports Action Canadian Pro Football. Loved playing it.

Read my previous post, CANADIAN ARMCHAIR QB, is the board game your talking about.

While the game isn't "official" or endorsed by the CFL there is are rosters, stadiums and uniforms created by the fan community. I've got the game and while it started a little rough. After two years of update and support. Its a lot of fun if your not looking for an "Arcade" type game and there is no multi-player code network or otherwise.

There was a board game from the 50,s or 60,s - it played like stock ticker. it was made in winnipeg i think.

Welcome aboard! Are you able to watch any CFL games in Cajun country? If not how about signing my petition?

Good to have you here :thup:

There is also this sim game that you can edit the rosters with:

Get the bloody thing built then. 60 million builds you a nice stadium. Nothing fancy, but better then half the stadiums in the league right now. As soon as a shovel is in the ground, Cohon will be in Halfax with your team sweaters.

wrong thread??

There was a CFL video game, released years ago (2001?)
It was very primitive though

Also some major league games included CFL teams
Front Page Headline Sports had multiple leagues in its dyansty modes, including NFL, WLAF, and yes even CFL

No player names, but jersey numbers (and assumably ratings) were somewhat accurate
FPS was probably the widest market game avaialble

CFL Football '99 is a gridiron football video game developed by Victoria, British Columbia-based entrepreneur David Winter. It is an officially licensed product of the Canadian Football League and the Canadian Football League Players Association. The title is best known for being the only official video game based on the CFL to date.

Designer David Winter originally specialized in administrative and industrial applications, doing business through his private firm Wintervalley Software. He obtained the rights to the CFL brand in 1998 and launched a new company, CDE (Canadian Digital Entertainment Inc.), for the purpose of marketing CFL Football '99. Despite the launch of CDE, part of the game's development was outsourced to American middleware provider Phantom Reality.

CFL Football '99 was not a fast-paced, console-style title; rather, it was a simulation in the mold of Sierra's Front Page Sports Football franchise. Similar to the contemporary Front Page Sports Football, it mostly used 2D graphics.

Reception of the game was mixed. Casual players were disappointed as they were hoping for a more mainstream take on Canadian football. Simulation veterans were eager to recognize the game's potential, but most accepted the fact that it could not rival established names in the same subgenre.

Winter started working on a second installment in his CFL series, this time using a 3D graphics engine. But over the course of development, he decided to broaden the game's scope by putting the emphasis on customization instead of the CFL licence. Official CFL content was scrapped in favor of more options: the game allowed the player to pick his own ruleset and field size from various gridiron football codes. In 2001, the project was rechristened Maximum Football and it eventually secured U.S. distribution.

Maximum Football was released in 2006 after a protracted development cycle. In earlier press releases, the developer hinted that Maximum Football would kick-start a franchise of sports games with a common focus on flexibility and management, such as Maximum Hockey, Maximum Baseball, and Maximum Lacrosse. For logistic reasons, none of the planned spin-offs were released. However, Maximum Football 2.0 shipped in 2007 and maintains a dedicated fanbase. The game can still be played using Canadian football rules.