New to football, i want to bet but where do i start?

i want to bet on the cfl but i dont really know a whole lot about football, but i know all the basics. Where online can i bet on the cfl? What should i know? Is there a site where i could figure out all i need to know?

also i want to choose a team how should i go about that cause i would like to go with the ti-cats but they never win

also how do i read the standings(like what does gp mean and all that)

srry for rambling but i want to learn everything

What the??

You dont know much about the CFL but you want to bet on it?

I smell a troll. A strange way of trolling i have to admit.

i know it sounds dumb but w/e

If you cant read the standings, save your money

Other websites have better information about gambling. To start online, open an account at a trustworthy sportbook with low minimum stake and easy transfer of funds. If you know nothing about a sport, learn from people who are successful. Since money management is more important than handicapping, first rule is to bet only what you can afford to lose. Easy to bet but hard to consistently be profitable in long term.

sorry i should have been more clear, i want to bet for fun, to make the game more interesting, not to make money.Pretty much I just want some initiative to get into the game.

Im gunna be betting small. Its just that ive been to some ti-cats games and seen some games on tv, and im interested but the money will just make the game more fun to watch.