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Hey everyone. I have never really seen much CFL, but I am an avid NFL fan (go Packers). I am starting to get interested in the Canadian League, however, and I was just asking a little about some background info. First off, who is the best player in the league at their respective positions? Could you also tell me aboyut some of the top prospects in the CFL draft? I have heard a little about the WR, Andy something, as he visted the Packers the other day.

here ya go, newbie!

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Last weekend, he was in Windsor, working out for the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers.

For the next three days, he'll be in Oakville, one of 48 players invited to the Canadian Football League evaluation camp.

Next week, who knows where Western Mustang wide receiver Andy Fantuz will go?

"We haven't confirmed with other (National Football League) teams yet. We'll set up workouts later," said Fantuz's Atlanta-based agent, Hadley Engelhard.

"Right now he's concentrating on the CFL workouts. It's always been a dream of Andy to play in the CFL and to be a first-round draft choice. At the same time, he's exploring all his options."

Fantuz pretty much echoed his agent's sentiments. The dominant Canadian university receiver didn't want to comment on his workouts for the Packers or Eagles.

"I just want to concentrate on the CFL camp right now. I'll let my agent talk about the other stuff," Fantuz said.

And that's just what his agent did.

"He did quite well working out," said Engelhard. "During his week at the East-West Shrine Game, he proved he's able to play NFL-style football. He picked things up quickly. The terminology wasn't a problem. The route running wasn't a problem.

"At the end of the day, a receiver has to run routes and catch the ball, whether it's the NFL, the CFL or a peewee league. Andy does that extremely well. He's a big receiver with big hands, who makes the difficult catch and he's a team player.

"His best football is in front of him."

Fantuz has been working out in Atlanta with "potential high first-round picks and veterans. They are very complimentary of Andy. They wouldn't know whether he went to the University of Western Ontario or Florida."

Fantuz, from Chatham, may go No. 1 in the CFL draft on April 20. Whether he'll be picked in the NFL draft beginning April 29 is something Engelhard won't speculate on.

"Only in recent years have we gone from 12 rounds to seven rounds," he said. "There are a lot of guys who are draftable who go undrafted. I've got a number of clients who are millionaires who were undrafted and I have a number of clients who were high draft choices who are out of football.

"It's not where you start but where you finish."

Engelhard has no doubt where Fantuz will finish.

"He'll be an asset wherever he plays, whether the CFL or NFL. He will have a long prosperous career. Right now, in the short term, he's focusing on the CFL combine," he said.

The CFL evaluation camp began yesterday in Oakville and will run through Saturday. The players go through medicals and various physical tests. They'll also be tested on strength and quickness.

Also among the 48 invitees is Fantuz's Mustang teammate Leron Mitchell, a defensive back.

Other locals include Londoner Jeff Keegan, a wide receiver with the Guelph Gryphons; running back Brian Wise, who was born in St. Thomas, attended high school in New York and now plays Division III football at State University of New York in Brockport; and Kyle Weston, an offensive lineman from Sarnia who played at Laurier.

Scouts will get a chance to attend the Canadian version of a showcase game when the fourth edition of the East-West Bowl and related training are held May 8-13 at Laval University in Quebec City.

The Mustangs will have five players participating in the event, the most they've ever had: defensive backs Matt Carapella and Nick Kordic, running back Randy McAuley, kicker/punter Derek Schiavone, and defensive lineman Tom Dolezel.

"We are very pleased with the selection of five Mustangs to the team," Mustangs head coach Larry Haylor said. "That's two above the norm. Usually there's only three per team. It's a positive reflection of what we're trying to do as a team."

Thanks for the info on Fantuz. I know that the CFL will find him very valuable, but I really would like to see what he can do ibn the NFL, particually if he plays for the Packers. Could someone post the top players at each positions, please?

running back, IMO:
#1 Saskatchewan - Corey Holmes
Hamilton - Josh Ranek
Calgary - Joffery Reynolds

Quarterback, IMO:
#1 Montreal: Anthony Calvillo
Edmonton: Ricky Ray
Toronto : Damon Allen

Kick returner, IMO
#1 Edmonton: Tony Tomkins
Toronto: Bashir Levingston
Toronto : Kieth Stokes

Reciever, IMO
#1 Edmonton: Jason Tucker
Montreal: Ben Cahoon
Calgary: Jermaine Copeland


Asking who is the best will prompt many different answers from a poster to another. Our friend Drumming_God here is a very valuable member of this huddle. However, he was completely drunk when he added John Avery to the list of the best running backs in the league. I can think of at least nine other running backs better than this money-loving wuss afraid of the cold.

Here are the best at each position according to me:

QB: Dave Dickenson- BC (most accurate), Anthony Calvillo-MTL (most strategic), Ricky Ray-EDM (most succesful).

RB: Charles Roberts-WPG (fastest), Robert Edwards-MTL (strongest), Troy Davis-EDM (most powerful), Corey Holmes-SSK (all-around back).

WR/SB: Jason Tucker-EDM (best all-around magician), Ben Cahoon-MTL (hands of glue), Geroy Simon-BC (top reliability), Jeremaine Copeland-CGY (most spectacular), Milt Stegall (recordman, future HoFamer)

OL: Brian Chiu-MTL (mistake-free center, perenial all-star), Andrew Greene-SSK (monster, powerhouse), Gene Makowski-SSK (most loved OL in the league, another perenial all-star), Dan Comiskey-EDM (about the best non-import lineman), Uzuma Okeke-MTL (best life-insurance any right-handed QB can get).

DL: Joe Montford-EDM (his name is a statement in itself), Tim Cheatwood-HML (backbreaker), Brent Johnson-BC (best non-import DE), Anwar Stewart-MTL (multi-pupose DE).

LB: Every starting linebacker in Calgary and Toronto. The league's bests are all there.

DB: Barron Miles-BC (most talented safety year in and year out, gentleman too), Korey Banks-OTT (yes, there is actually someone talented in Ottawa), Davis Sanchez-MTL (best cover CB and a non-import), Dante Marsh-BC (reliable hands), Donny Brady-EDM (talent + heart).

K: Noel Prefontaine-TOR (almost mistake-free kicker, coffin corner master), Sandro DeAngelis-CGY (top rookie kicker, most efficient), Damon Duval (another top rookie kicker, most points in last season and good punter).

KR: Tony Tomkins-EDM (flamboyant newbie, has to prove himself again), Ezra Landry-MTL (5'2" waterbug, makes him top spectacular), Corey Holmes-SSK (yes... him again).

yes, i thought about it after, and didnt think Avery deserved to be there after last year. but i couldnt remember anyone else....if i was asked at the end of last season, i coulda remembered someone thinkin sask had someone good....kenton kieth was it?

but i must point out u think dave dickenson is better than damon allen?...way much playoff success had DD had...0...has he ever completed a full season without missing chunks with injuries?....NO

DD is not as good as Damon

It all depends on what we look at. Damon Allen is obviously one of the toughest QB around. But his stats are mostly due to his longevity. It took him 21 years before he finally got a 5000+ yards season. Of course he gad more playoff successes as he got his fair part of them through two decades.

But healthy for healthy, Dave Dickenson plays like a surgeon. Almost unpickable, he reads defences like they are bedtime stories. If you ask me, I feel way more confident when my Als play against Allen than when they face Dickenson. But I'll admit he's one of the most fragile QBs in the league, which can compromise the team's chances of going the distance.

I can easily tell you who's NOT the best at their position ... Nealon Greene and Marcus Crandell!! (Saskatchewan's QBs)

Ask 100 people who the best players are in the CFL and you’ll get 100 different answers.

Check out the stats page ( … y&ceid=225)
for last year’s stats…might give you an idea of who performed well last season.

Just make sure your Adobe Acrobat Reader is up to date

rushpacker (I think your team suxs BTW), welcome! and we need to get you to convert!!! :lol: