New Ticats TV Host

I wonder if Onknight will approve?

Never have Problem with Host of TIcats TV ..
The Team dose this Right Ever Year :thup:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I really liked Kate so I hope this new girl is as funny.

Agree banshee with that.

Not sure why they switch them every year. So far they have all been pretty good but eventually someones guanna sucks, hope that doesn't happen this year tho.

Because we're not paying them, they're students that we're giving experience so they can pursue other media related careers. Kate and Candace are prime examples of it.

Do you know this as a fact?
It wouldn't surprise me, but I'm guessing there getting paid something.

I'm pretty sure it's like a co-op/internship for their Mohawk college program.

How come we can never develop a Ticats TV host?

Why do we always release the existing host, only to watch them go on to become stars elsewhere?


Those students usually get paid.

Hey guys

Each season, Ticats TV recruits a new host from a local college/university to help develop their career as well as provide Ticats fans with video reports and entertaining segments throughout the season.

It's been a tremendously successful program as our past three hosts are now currently employed in great television/broadcast jobs across the country (and in the case of last year's host, Kate -- all over the world).

Some do and some don't.

For instance, my daughter just finished her nursing courses at an Ontario University and her co-op stuff was not a paid thing......and yet with my engineering courses that I begin this September, the co-op terms are all paid at the entry level industry rates. Not a penny less.

Nobody in my program was paid for their co-op and it was a mandatory part of the diploma.

[i]Everyone [/i]that's associated with Ticats TV does a great job. I enjoy it thoroughly and regularly!

X2. I watch it more than I work lol

I'm a Mohawk Student and I just finished the 'pre-media' course and was accepting into television broadcasting starting in September. I don't know of any co-op positions but I know for a fact that there are internships. Come September I can look into this and see if its one of the possible internships.