new ticats tv host!!

Holy Crap I almost blew a gasket when I read that the name of the new tv host was Carly Agro. I thought my old eyes said Carly ARGO (what the?) hope she does well and not an ARGO fan :roll:

I guess you don't know about the Agro family. They are a well known family of Ti-Cat fans that has been around for decades. Log time supporters of the Cats to say the least.

Good to see one of theirs working for the Cats.

Good luck to Carly. Even though Candace did a great job, I already prefer the sound of Carly's voice. I hope she does well.

Is this sarcasm.
How are they a "well known" family of ticat fans?

They buy season tickets and donate them, get involved in many Cat community events etc.

On the home page, Carly mentioned her grandfather is John Agro.

He was an Hamilton lawyer who acted as the lawyer
for The CFL Player's Association for many years.

I know that if my grandfather, John, could see me here working with and for the city, the league, and the players

he devoted so much of his time and energy to he would be proud.

He helped found the CFLPA and his name lives on
in this league as every season the John L. Agro award

is presented to the league's most outstanding special teams player.

Some people are too young to know it of course, but John Agro was a very familiar name in CFL circles for a long time. I'm delighted to hear the name again, and to see the Agro family involved once more in supporting the Ticats and the CFL, as they have done over the years.

Congratulations Carly, and best of luck in your new responsibilities.

Good luck Carly. :smiley:

I miss candace.

I could see that one coming a mile away.

thanks bg but right now I just want to be alone. ticat tv will never be the same.

she was fun .... I Miss Kevin Walsh I have nver had better ticket Rep then Kevin..
What I needed he found a way to get it done

Things change at ticat Land that is a fact of life

well I say if we start 0-4 its time for carly to hit the bricks. This is a bad day, candace was my fave. I wish carly all the luck in the world and welcome her.

What happened to Candace???

I'm assuming this is a Co-Op type of job...but has she gone on to shall I say, "greener pastures"???

I think so.. She not been around the Office so I think she moved on..
The ticats have lost alot of good people. This year
Death or new opportunities see to get them to move on