New Ticats Running Tre Smith Info

Info From ESPN

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NFL Draft Scout

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Clearly he can run and has some power and moves, but can he block and, more importantly for the CFL, can he catch? Didn't see either in the film that you have linked to.

I like that he has some time at the return game. He's one to watch at camp.

I hope that the coaching staff saw more of him recently than what is shown or stated in the links above.
NFL Scout says he needs work, dropped a pass in the open field. The Cats had enough of those guys last few years.
His stats don't look too bad, not much of a report from '07. In the video he seems to have great quickness but appears to run out of steam after 20 yards.
Hopefully he has done a lot of training over the last 18 months.
Ranked pretty high though.

Looks like a rangy Ranek. Def. worth a look. Can't hurt.

He looks like he has good vision and quickness, but lacks breakaway speed.

Here is an interesting fact that he is on a roster for the new AAFL Alabama team.

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This league was suppose to play this spring but has been put back until 2009.

I think they’re looking to put him on KR. With Lumsden and Caulley, there doesn’t seem to be room for him anywhere else.