New Ticats logo on Ontario Licence Plates !

Last year I bought a licence plate with the old logo, I just noticed on the ministry web site the new logo is availabe ! :thup:

[url=] ... 023293.htm[/url]

Here is all the logos available';

[url=] ... 115#Sports[/url]

Too bad the lettering is in blue.

If you get it on a truck it will be in black lettering :lol:

If you get a couple of cans of spray paint, it can be any colour(s) you want....

I can't believe the Tiger-Cats are promoting vehicle travel. Do you realize how many people are killed and maimed every year in vehicle accidents?

Especially after driving drunk from games because you HAVE TO drink at games...which is why we couldn't have a stadium on the East Mountain, because that would FORCE people to drink and drive.

Yea but the drunken fans taking the bus.. can MMA the drunk driver's ass

If Bob wasn't such a ruthless dictator and built the stadium in the West Harbour like the people wanted there would be such peace and order in the universe traffic accidents would become extinct.

Scotty, beam this man up! The earth is too primitive a place for him.

We are not moving fast enough towards the future for him.


Be careful navigating the Starship home though Scotty.

With no darn roads out there in space it’s every man for himself.

I don’t know that traffic accidents would become extinct, Ockham

but it’s unlikely that anyone would get maimed or killed in a traffic accident
in the gridlock down at a West Harbour [sic] stadium downtown on game day

and there would be lots of ticket buyers who don’t come another game
because of the frustration gridlock and lack of parking spaces would bring.

8) Thankfully I got my personalized TiCat Licence Plate several years ago....with the old original TiCat Logo !! :D :thup:

Do you remember a previous thread about the personalized plates?

Back then it felt like five years waiting to get the new logo on MTO licence plates.

Well I guess it really took five years to get there.

Oskee wee wee


I've looked all over the MTO wesite to find the cost of Logo only, not personalized plates.
Any idea what they cost?

From the MTO website:

Regular series graphic plate $82.15

(personalized are wayyyyyy more)