New TiCats Jersey revealed

go to the cats web site to check it out.

Not to bad actually......looks better then what I was expecting.


I like 'em. Now as long as Reebok doesn't design them all like that with a varied color scheme, I'll be cool with that.

I don’t like them, too AFL looking. And I think that Eski-Moses’s concern about the design beign the same with different colour scheme for each team will unfortunately be the case (there was a post of a pic of the proposed new Stamps uni awhile back which looked pretty much the same except for the colour scheme and the logo). I really hate the Reebol unis, makes the CFL look bush league…these are almost as bad as the designs from the mid-nineties that had the huge logo on the front of the jersey, IMO. I like tradition and I don’t think the CFL should jump all over every fad that comes along.

IMHO, there wasn't very much wrong with the existing CFL uniforms, and I'm sure we're in for a corporate homogenization and general dumbing down of CFL uniforms, and this is a pity.

The new 'Cats jerseys are awesome!

Change is good. It's a must. Good on the CFL and good on Reebok

They're ok. Better than I thought, but I don't like the white pants. I would have prefered yellow/gold pants.

I hope other teams won't all have "FUBU-style" numbers.

And I DEFINATELY hope black won't be part of every suit, ESPECIALLY not the Alouettes'.

Keep my mighty birds red, white and blue just like they ought to be!

they're gonna have to keep em all dif colours, they're all gonna have the same pattern.

I like them.