New Ticats fan who needs your help!


Just moved to Hamilton in February and I’ll be going to my first Ticats game tomorrow night.

Born/raised in Oshawa, but have lived in Toronto the last ten years…soI’ve never lived in a city that actually cared about CFL football (don’t worry, I was never truly an Argos fan).

I want the real Tiger Cat gameday experience…

Suggestions on where to get my game face on? I’ve read some posts and articles and it seems that if I solo cup it and don’t act like an arsehole you can actually tailgate around the stadium…true?

Any tips/suggestions greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the home opener and this season!


As far as I know, parking lot E (see below) is the only place tailgating is allowed to happen. Others can speak better than I can as to what people get away with having in their cups.


Thanks a lot!

Thought I would post the image you need directly here. Enjoy the game and the tailgate!

Welcome to the Ticats, MDW!
Enjoy the games!
Oskee wee wee!

I guess you guys don’t do the Scott Park thing anymore? I went once in 2012. That was amazing.

That lot has turned into a new high school and Senior’s Centre, AFAIK…