New Ticats Fan Board

The Ticats are one of the few teams without a independent fan message board.

Currently we rely on a CFL owned site and if the CFL chooses to get out of the message board business, we lose our long standing community.

A couple of us decided it was time to act so feel free to join

It's about time the great fans of the Ticats had an independent fan site to compliment this CFL community.


Just finished my first post there . So yup , old Bobo is in the building and onboard . :+1: :grinning:

There are already a lot of us signed up but there is a lot of room for many , many more .


So who moderates this new site and how do you stop other teams fans from joining? I don’t get why we need another site? What are the benefits? Is this just another forum to complain about the teams performance? Is this new site for those who want to threaten others with impunity? Are there rules for posting or a free for all?
I don’t really get it.

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thought process was that many other teams have fan-owned message boards to keep the "officialness" out of it.

nobody said anything about other teams' fans not being welcome.

benefits would include:

  • not being held under the official league website (as stated above the CFL could choose to abandon forums.
  • layout of where you are is clear and concise (no confusion over safe havens)
  • the investment/capital is being made by ticat fans to make sure there is always a place for ticat fans to go
  • posts in some threads get shown on articles, facebook, etc.

There's multiple places to talk Roughrider football. Nobody tells anyone they can only go to one. Most other teams have their own fan sites - lionbackers, ourbombers, riderfans, stamps (cant remember the name) etc.

The intent here isnt to make people choose or delete accounts here, nor is it to forbid anyone from joining. Just another option for fans that may not want to be on a league owned/managed message board all day every day.

The more places to talk CFL, the better!


I mistakenly assumed “By Ticat fans, for Ticat fans” on the Welcome page suggested others teams fans were not welcome.
Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

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…enjoy your ticat vacuum….I find interaction with fans from all teams to be interesting, and what sets this forum apart from most sports forums…



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I see you updated your backhanded jab to be a bit more friendly.
Thanks it's much appreciated.
No need to take threads in a direction they don't need to go


Thanks to you Crash and the others you reference for taking the initiative on the new site.

I do have a feeling the CFL may pull the plug on these fourms unexpectedly, given how difficult it is to find from the ticats page.

I'll make my way there in the coming days to check it out!

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Quote ...nobody said anything about other teams' fans not being welcome.
However you do fail to mention or you do not see other fans are quite often made to feel unwelcome on the ti-cats current home here...i can see when they only come to cause trouble but some
Cat fans do come across as how dare you step foot in our domain...i get the fact there are safe havens here on this site...but again when a cat fan posts in the "ti-cats only" about another team and the post is headlined as being about another team other than Ti-cats and when "the ti-cats forum only post" is unfortunately in the fine print you should expect dissenting opinions and quite often it turns into good natured ribbing, (sometimes worse) Grow a tad bit of thicker skin especially when cat fans say "stuff" about other teams too... I for one hope you all stick around here and do not all migrate sites like this are after all one of the main things that grow the cfl...having fans step away and keep other fans out is not good


And how welcoming are differing opinions from other teams' fans on the Riders fan site?

I would also argue that this is a League site, NOT a "fan site".


There's an experience on a league run forum, one that includes all teams' sub forums. And there's an experience on a non league/team run fan forum.

They differ.

Some people may want to be part of one, some the other, and some may want to experience both.

The more places where people are talking about the CFL, the better it is for the league as a whole.

I talk Ticats/CFL football on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and this forum. Having another option doesn't hurt anybody.

The fact that anyone would take a shot (as evident in this thread) at fans that spend their own money, time and resources trying to dedicate a discussion board to their favorite team really says something


Respectfully, I hope you enjoy your new site, I also hope you continue in this site.

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So what transpired in those 68 minutes? Asking for myself. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Pettiness ? That "I think I should be opposing this but I can't actually articulate a reason" feeling?


I was far from taking a shot.... Offering an opinion . I agree some fans show up in forums for no other reason that to post crap .... That needs to be stopped.... Good natured trash talk is fine but some cross the line as a matter of a way to just be saying hello

Maybe you should be the first bomber fan to join.

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Thanks, no thanks

I can get yelled at just about every where I go, I don't need to sign up for more abuse.