*** New Ticatfans.com website ***

Hello Ticat fans

Welcome to our new board, we realize that our old site had some technical issues, we are pleased to roll out the newest board software.

You WILL have to re-register to the new board, if you have any issues or somebody takes your username that you were using on the previous site, please email me at http://www.ticatfans.com , enjoy the new site!!!


if you want people to use and enoy the site,why not a sneak peek? why so top secret? why come on the very site people on your boards love to bash?

At least access to the rest of the site would be nice for users who don't necessarily want to register immediately for the message board.
A lot of sites restrict access to forums but allow users to view the rest of the content.

What's so "new" about it?

Need to change your banner :wink:

Technically, Casey is alumni now. :wink:

How long does it take to get an e-mail confirmation to activate your account? I have been waiting five minutes.

Disregard - l finally got it.

FIVE whole minutes ya say???

WTF has become of the world??