New Ticat Stadium Pics

Link to new stadium pics and a video.

This HAS to be a joke.... seriously, it's an embarrassment of a stadium.... they made us wait all this time for that???

I wonder what the losing bids plans were like

I like the way the left all the banners and flags gold. Ticats can just photoshop their logo on top LOL !

How come no pictures of the facade of the main building ???

looks alright to me...

It looks as if it was designed 80 years ago. Seriously, what a throwback. It doesn't reflect modern stadium design at all.

A new stadium is better than nothing, but this one is only marginally better than the old one. Design wise it might even be worse.

I'm happy for the fans and the 'Cats, but sad that the couldn't get something better than this.

Any guesses why the Canadian flag is at half-mast in this picture? In memory of the original IWS?

But seriously, no end zone seats at all? Doesn’t even look like there’s much room for them.

I totally disagree with you. It looks awesome! Just like Ivor Wynne, but much newer and has seats with backs. What else do you want? A roof. I don't. Real football fans watch games in all weather conditions. The stadium looks amazing. I just hope it looks the same when it is actually built.

The retro 60's look!
I hope there will be at least 25,000 permanent seats.

24,000 according to the website.

You are understanding Hamilton and it's place in Ontario/Canada and the politics here mrbean. Good on ya. :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

as well as expansion capability to 40,000 for playoffs/special events/Grey Cups etc

the design aesthetics are lacking although with upgraded individual seating/amenities/concourses/concessions/parking etc, the stade is a certain upgrade over IW.

Also going to have the widest seats of ANY pro stadium, so we can fit our Fat as# in with not sitting on each other, that alone is a great selling point. It will also have the biggest space for food and drink of any other stadium in North America, again so you don't feel like a can of sardines. Its all about providing a great game day experience for the 24,000 and not feeling trapped. i think its great.

No track should help preserve the intimacy of IW, but honestly, couldn't they go with a sunken bowl shape? I mean at least block off the end zones with berms to cut down on the wind. And no covered all?

I understand this is being done on the cheap, but common.

What do I want? How about a modern, sunken bowl design? How about enclosed end zones? How about SOME protection for the fans. It doesn't at all need to have a roof, but the fans need at least a little protection from the elements.

It's great that the seats are comfortable and the concourses are nice and wide, but seriously, this looks like an unfinished shell. I loved IW. I have MANY fond memories there, and I have no doubt there will many at this stadium too, but couldn't they at least do something like the new Winnipeg, or even the Ottawa stadium?

I think this is a great stadium. It is just perfect for the economics of the CFL. Not every community wants to spend $300 MILLION on a new stadium like the folks in Regina. Hopefully this stadium will allow the Ti-Cats to keep the games affordable and not saddle the city of Hamilton with massive amounts of debt (I mean seriously, does't Regina have sewers to fix, schools to build or roads to repair?)How is the cost being split? Are the PanAm Games picking up a major portion?