New Ticat Spot on CH

Building Champions.. I saw one of the Spots.
It look good.. has anyone see it?

Tell us more, Onknight. What time and who MCs the show? Is it a one hour or half hour spot?

it was 30 Sec Spot after the news.

A 30 second spot is almost not worth the effort for locals to make themselves available for.

One would think that our only bonified network television station could do a little more for the most popular item in Hamilton. Cable 14 does a better job with sports broadcasts than CH.

CHML Radio does regular shows which showcase football, probably because they have lots of local competition in the radio media.

CH, however, does very little in this regard and I'm certain that fans would love it if they put on an actual show, either in front of or behind the 6 o'clock news that interviewed coaches, players, etc. from the TiCat organization. This could be expanded to encompass celebrities from the entire CFL.

This would also be a feather in CH's hat in terms of local telecasting.

The sports show that comes on Sunday nights following the 11 o'clock news, although interesting is not convenient timing for folks who have to get up for work on Monday mornings.

Come on CH! Now is a good time to give the Tiger Cats and other local sports some real exposure at convenient times.