New TiCat(s) for 2019

Thinking it unnecessary to start a new thread each time any of us learn of a, yet unannounced, signing, I’m starting this one as the place to share such news.

Today, the TiCats have registered as signed, INT RB Ray Lawry who played four season ('14 - '17) at Old Dominion and spent a little time last season in the NFL camps of the Chiefs and Bengals.

Source: - Jan. 16/19

The only other two players, as of today, with word out as being signed, but no confirmation as yet from the team:

Jan. 12 (on twitter) - INT DE Jamal Marcus who was here on the PR for the second half of July’18 after spending some time in the Cleveland Browns’ camp.

Nov. 27/18 ( - NAT DL Joel Van Pelt who was a 2018 late round draft pick and attended last year’s training camp, being converted to O-Line, before returning to U. Calgary to play another year on Defence.

I am usually the first person to complain when the club fail to enter the free agency frenzy or take their time signing players. I believe i called it " sitting on their hands."Last year they signed one free agent and in my opinion if you want to play with the big boys you need to go out and get the big boys. Considering the coaching staff has been confirmed I hope they sign most of their free agents and sign a couple of game changers from other teams. The coaching staff looks very solid so my hope is that they match that with very talented players who will take the team to the promised land.

In the land of non guaranteed contracts and short term deals you can plug many holes in free agency risk free in the CFL.

except for that pesky thing called a salary cap.

I don’t think all 322 FA are going to be breaking the bank.

There will be some value guys out there for sure.

What about old Cats who are staying Cats? Can they be included here or do we need a thread for them?

Good question

Also, I’d like to make some suggestions on what food they should serve at the stadium. Should I start a new thread?

Maybe we could have a thread on expansion.

I think some have missed the point that I started this thread as a place to post signings, any of us learn of, which have not been announced. Van Pelt, could be considered “a Cat staying a Cat” and I chose not to start a thread on his unannounced signing. Others started separate threads for former Cat PR players – Cam Echols-Luper and Jamal Marcus – upon learning of their unannounced signings.
I learned of Rashad Lawrence being signed and chose to mention that, I believe, in the Echols-Luper thread. If I’d learned about Lawrence today, I would have posted about that “Cat staying a Cat” here.

My idea for this thread may not be a good one. A separate thread, per player, my be the preferred way to share news of any unannounced signing, new player or old.

I will start a new thread to decide how we want to proceed.

Threads are free and exciting. We love new threads.

The downside to having all signings in one thread is always having to go through this thread and filtering through only to see no new signings.

Thanks for you comments blackandgld.
I hadn’t perceived that “love” as always being there. Good point on the downside.
It’s back to new threads, for me, on player signings. Perhaps the mods can lock, trash, burn, blow up, or do anything else appropriate with this one.

What a bunch of smart asses!?

Better a smart ass than a dumb ass, I guess.

The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

The two aren’t mutually exclusive

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Tuesday the football club has signed four international players on offence, including wide receivers Rashad Lawrence and Cam Echols-Luper, quarterback DeVante Kincade and running back Ray Lawry.

A new QB? ?

Not new, he was on our Practice roster in Sept of last year

He is a more prototypical 3rd string CFL QB. High upside/athletic, great option to develop.

All true, blackandgld ! Check out the Grambling State Tigers on the Google. Kincade could wear his old uniform and blend right in with the TiCats .

Pat Lynch(older than dirt)