New Ticat Receiver- Willie Quinnie

The Ticat training camp roster shows a new receiver, Willie Quinnie, who will wear number 85.

Here is some information on Willie Quinnie obtained from various team websites connected to the website:

-signed by Oakland Raiders on Apr 28/03
-released but signed to their practice squad on Sep 1/03
-released from their practice squad on Sep 9/03

-signed to San Diego Chargers practice squad on Oct 5/04
-signed to one year contract by San Diego on Jan 20/05
-released by San Diego on Aug 28/05

-signed to contract by Green Bay Packers on Feb 7/06
-just released by the Green Bay Packers on May 1/06

It will be interesting to see how Willie Quinnie does at the Ticat camp and during the pre-season.

It also shows Dondre Gilliam backā€¦

I just looked and neither player is now listed on the roster. I put this down to "growing pains" with the new site. Either they shouldn't have been listed, or not listed until an "official" team announcement. Similarly, within another thread, it was mentioned about new coaches with the team. Possibly the same "gremlin" is at work there too?