New Ticat players

Attention OBIE and ticats fans :

I watched the game online last nIght and I have been to 4 practices and the black and gold day as well as watching closely online to the background of the new players as well as progress :

I feel OBIE has doen a very good job of bringing in talent suitable for th cfl game .

I just hope they keep alot this new talent ....

Hickman and Mcfadden have looked great on the Dline as Mcfadden looks a bit like a Monford clone and he plays great on specailly teams as well which is rare for a Dlineman .
Hickman looks like a Grover Covington type .

At linebacker Haley and Costello look very good. Haley seems like an Armour Type and Costello is a buzz saw all over the field .....

At running back Cobb showed a lot last night too braking a few and showing alot of poise ..

At Reciever ..Currie looks like a speed burner and he has a track star past as well . Mcdaniel looks poised as well to make the team in some capacity ..

So , I am saying i don't recall ever bringing in so many good AMERICANS that can step right in . I just hope the coaching staff sees what i see and does nto stick with soem of the veterans that could nto get the job done last year ....

I read in the play by play thread that you thought Manning had a bad game. Maybe you live in football bizarro world where the opposite of reality is true. He was around the ball the whole time he was in.

Saying he had a bad game ruins your credibility and devalues your opinion to me.

Did you not notice the penalties he had .

Yes , he picked up a fumble and seemed to be around the ball alot but that had alot to do with the fact that he was playing safety and special teams .

I am not a big fan of MANNING due to countless bonehead plays last year but he did look ok last night and he is still young.

Last year he came in a few tiems when an import starter got injured and the other team started expoiting him .

I see him being the backup safety beating out Beveridge and playing some special teams this year as he is fearless and not afraid to get his nose dirty . If you agree with some of the other comments I have made , I hope you can reconsider your comments .

That is a pretty strong comparison. Mr.Hickman will have my undivided attention next week. If he is anything like the greatest defensive lineman in CFL history, my worry about the D-line should subside
a little.

I thought i was watching Charles Haley on that one safety lol.

I think expecting over 5 rookies to perform as allstars is a bit much to expect.

this knew defensive end Mcintyre looked very quick in his first couple of practices looking forward to see what he can do in a game situation :thup: